A new image from the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover features Batwoman and Supergirl joining forces. Melissa Benoist posted the behind-the-scenes image of herself and actress Ruby Rose, giving off a new look at the Batwoman costume. Rose recently quit social media after online trolls came out in full force against her casting as Kate Kane because of her sexuality. However, now that images of the actress in costume have started to hit the internet, certain DC fans have started to come around to Rose as the iconic openly gay character.

One cannot deny how awesome Ruby Rose looks in the Batwoman costume standing next to Melissa Benoist's Supergirl. The look of the suit is comic book-accurate, and above all, it looks like the two actresses are having a good time on the set of the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover event. We've seen pictures of Grant Gustin's Flash and Stephen Amell's Green Arrow trading suits, which was pretty great as well. But, Rose as Batwoman is even cooler since we haven't seen very much of her in full costume at this time. Benoist captioned the photo by saying, "Indicative of my excitement that she's here and kicking ass."

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Ruby Rose was announced as Batwoman back in August, and the actress noted that she was excited to give the LGBTQ community representation on television, something that she says she didn't have while growing up, especially in the form of a superhero. The Arrowverse three-part event is going to introduce Rose's take on Kate Kane, and DC fans are excited to see what she is going to do with the character. The standalone Batwoman TV series is currently being developed by Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries. A pilot has yet to be ordered by The CW, but one can imagine that will happen soon after the Elseworlds event.

Melissa Benoist has been keeping Supergirl fans happy with updates from the Elseworlds crossover event. She recently shared a picture of herself with Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, who is playing Lois Lane. But, the picture with Benoist and Ruby Rose is by far the best picture that the Supergirl actress has shared thus far, and DC fans are hoping that she'll be sharing more before the crossover event airs in a few short weeks.

The Arrowverse's Elseworlds crossover event begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th at 8PM and continues with Arrow on Monday December 10th at 8PM. The event then concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday December 11th at 8PM. From what we've seen from the set photos, the cast and crew are all having an awesome time together, which should translate well on the small screen when fans finally get to see the highly anticipated crossover event. You can check out the awesome picture of Ruby Rose's Batwoman with Supergirl below, thanks to Melissa Benoist's Instagram account.