The CW has released another teaser trailer for their upcoming Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds. This time, it's the man we know (or knew) as Barry Allen becoming Oliver Queen, the man behind the hero at the center of Arrow. The former fastest man alive is now going to become the best man with a bow and arrow in the DC universe as this event is going to shake things up in a very major way.

This latest look at the event sees Grant Gustin training in a boxing gym with John Diggle (David Ramsey). He looks at Diggle confused, as the two continue to train. As Barry, or should we say Oliver, realizes his fighting skills are far beyond what they usually are, it dawns on him what's going on. With a confused look, he says, "I'm the Green Arrow?" Much like the previous teaser that featured Stephen Amell taking over as Barry Allen in the world of The Flash, no explanation is offered as to why they have swapped hero roles. But DC fans are surely curious enough at this point to tune in next month.


In the world of DC Comics, Elseworlds tales were used to tell stories that took place outside of the main continuity. Famous examples include Gotham by Gaslight and Superman: Red Son (which is actually going to partially inspire a storyline in Supergirl this season). It looks like the Arrowverse will be playing heavily on that idea with this year's crossover. Outside of Barry and Oliver switching lives, we've seen Tyler Hoechlin's Superman in his famous black suit, which first appeared after the character was resurrected from the dead in the 90s, as well as John Wesley Shipp, who played the Scarlet Speedster in the 90s, suting back up as The Flash. To say the least, there is a lot going on here. And this is just based on what's been revealed. Who knows what surprises are in store.


Beyond that, Ruby Rose is set to make her debut as Batwoman, which serves as the character's first ever appearance in live-action. If all goes well, this will lead to a TV series for the Gotham City hero. Speaking of that, Elseworlds will finally bring Gotham City into the Arrowverse, which is something that surprisingly hasn't happened until now. To top it all off, Elizabeth Tulloch is set to make her debut as Lois Lane, who has been absent from this universe up to this point.

The Legends of Tomorrow are sitting it out this year, as things are going to be pretty crazy as is. Trying to throw them into the mix might overcomplicate things. With the event fast approaching, we should be seeing a full-length trailer any day now. Elseworlds starts on Sunday, December 9, with The Flash, followed by Arrow on Monday, December 10, with the conclusion set for Tuesday, December 11, on Supergirl. Be sure to check out the latest teaser from The CW below.