A new poster for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event, officially titled Elseworlds, is sure to get the attention of DC fans, and it certainly is making good use of that title. This year's big crossover will take place with The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl all participating. The Legends of Tomorrow are sitting this one out. That may prove to be a good thing because as this new poster reveals, things are already going to be crazy enough as is.

This poster was debuted by Arrow star Stephen Amell on his personal Twitter account. He's been hyping up the event ever since they started filming but this is easily his most interesting reveal yet. The one sheet features Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow with the tagline "destiny will be rewritten." That indeed seems to be the case, as Barry is being played by Amell, with Grant Gustin taking up Oliver's mantle. This is a flip-flop for the ages and, what's most surprising, is they both look great in their new hero roles. Amell only added to the intrigue with his caption.

"My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive."

Elseworlds, as a title, always hinted that some crazy shenanigans were going to be taking place during the crossover. In the world of DC Comics, it was an imprint used to tell stories that take place outside of the main continuity, such as Gotham by Gaslight or Superman: Red Son. Indeed, it appears that we're going to visit some crazy alternate realities this year. To go along with this, Stephen Amell also revealed an image of Tyler Hoechlin in the black Superman suit from the Death and Return of Superman storyline recently.

Another huge selling point this year will be the introduction of Ruby Rose as Batwoman. This will be the character's live-action debut and it also could explain a lot within the Arrowverse. We've yet to see Batman in this universe and, maybe using this Elseworlds madness, they'll be able to explain why Batwoman exists, but the more famous Gotham City hero based on a bat is nowhere to be found. The idea is that the crossover will be used as a launching pad for a Batwoman TV series, which could debut next year.


We've still got some time to wait until the crossover arrives, as the new seasons of the Arrowverse shows are just getting underway. The next big question; what is going to be the major twist with Supergirl this time around? The Elseworlds crossover event kicks off on Sunday, December 9, concluding on Tuesday, December 11 on The CW. Be sure to check out the new poster from Stephen Amell's Twitter account for yourself below and feel free to speculate wildly as to how this will all play out. For now, that's about all we can do.