When Mad Men closed out Season 5 last month, we saw Elisabeth Moss' Peggy moving out on her own, resigning from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and joining another ad agency. The move left many fans wondering whether or not the Emmy-nominated actress will be leaving the show, since she doesn't work for SCDP anymore. Series creator Matthew Weiner dispelled those rumors, confirming that Peggy will most certainly be back, in some capacity.

"When people leave Sterling Cooper, sometimes it is the end for [the character]. But I will spoil that one tiny piece of anticipation and tell people that Elisabeth will be showing up to work. I can't say how much, in what capacity or what [her story] is going to be, but she has not left the show."

The executive producer also responded to the negative backlash surrounding Jessica Paré's character, Megan Draper.

"You take a huge risk when you don't do the show you did the year before. People just hated her. They were like, 'She's manipulative! Is he really going to marry her? Hopefully she'll be gone.' But I was like, 'No, this is this guy's second marriage, and he's going to take it seriously.'"

Mad Men will return with Season 6 sometime next year on AMC.