Actor Eddie Izzard has become the first cast member to sign on to the NBC pilot Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of the classic 1964 series The Munsters.

Eddie Izzard will play Grandpa, a role portrayed by Al Lewis in the original The Munsters. We reported last month that production on Mockingbird Lane is being delayed, so they can further develop certain aspects of the story. The pilot was supposed to begin shooting in late February, although now cameras will start rolling in early summer. It is said that if the pilot is picked up by NBC, it may premiere in midseason.

Bryan Singer is directing the pilot episode from Bryan Fuller's script, which is said to be a, "visually spectacular one-hour drama". We reported in early February that the pilot's title was changed from The Munsters to Mockingbird Lane, which reflects the shift in tone from the original comedy series to a darker drama.