The CW series Arrow is bringing on another villain from the DC Comics universe, with Dylan Neal signing on to play Dr. Anthony Ivo.

The actor will appear in a four-episode arc, starting with the fifth Season 2 episode "League of Assassins", with the potential to recur later on this season. In the series, Ivo appears in Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) island flashbacks as a brilliant scientist determined to uncover a breakthrough that dates back to the end of World War II. In the DC comic books, Ivo was the creator of Amazo android which mimicked other superheroes' powers, and he also has an overwhelming desire to conquer death, due to his paralyzing fear of dying. It's also worth noting that the Ra's al Ghul, portrayed by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, founded the "League of Assassins", although it isn't clear if the character will pop up in this episode.

Dylan Neal joins a growing roster of DC characters appearing in Season 2, including Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev, Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller, Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood, Navid Negahban as Al-Owal, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin and Grant Gustin as The Flash.

Season 2 of Arrow kicks off Wednesday, October 9 at 8 PM ET with "City of Heroes" on the CW Network.