When American Horror Story wrapped up Season 1 last year, fans were shocked to learn that the series is actually a horror anthology, with each season taking place in a different locale. While Golden Globe winner Jessica Lange and others from Season 1 return in American Horror Story: Asylum, they all play completely different characters. Last week's episode, "The Coat Hanger", featured the return of Dylan McDermott as Johnny Thredson, a violent serial killer who finds himself at the Briarcliff asylum in a multi-episode arc.

The actor recently participated in a conference call where he first spoke about where his character will be by the end of this season.

"Well, Johnny Thredson, obviously he's a troubled man. So where I hope he goes and where he goes are two different places, but I think he's got a sole purpose in life and really that is, he feels so scorned by his mother. Everything is about his mother. The reason he's doing all these horrible things is because he was rejected so harshly by his mother, obviously aborted. His father was a serial killer. His mother aborted him and he still lives. So his whole trajectory in life is really about her."

He also spoke about how series creator Ryan Murphy wanted him to come back to play the son of Bloody Face.

"Yes, we talked in the summer and he said he was looking for something for me to come back. I wanted to come back and we weren't sure in what capacity. Then the day the show aired, he called me and said he wanted me to come back as the son of 'Bloody Face,' the modern day 'Bloody Face.' He just told me. I hadn't read any of the script, so I knew nothing about it. It was sort of a blind call. When he told me the story of it, I was just like flabbergasted, because it was just so horrendous how this guy would survive and what he would become and who he was. I was just fascinated by him. It was so different from, obviously, Ben Harmon, to come back to this same show with a different character. I just thought it was a great way to make television completely different from anything you see on television, because when do you get to play different characters on the same show. "

The actor revealed that he will be appearing in three of the final four episodes this season. He also said that if Ryan Murphy called on him to return in Season 3, he would come back.

"Yes, I mean I love this show. I just think if I wasn't on the show, I'd be watching it, so I'm a fan of this show as much as an actor on the show. Like I said before, I really trust Ryan and he has a great instinct with me. If he asks me to come back on, of course."

Before he came back, Dylan McDermott revealed he was following two particular characters, which tied into his involvement in a coincidental way.

"It's funny because I was really following Zach (Quinto)'s character and Sarah (Paulson)'s character and it's funny that they would end up being my parents. Because I had no idea and then all of a sudden, I'm their son. So it's funny that it would all work out in such a way."

The show is obviously quite disturbing in nature. The actor spoke about how the violence does resonate and come home with him at the end of the day.

"Yes, I mean there are a lot of things. There are a lot of things in this show that are disturbing and hard. There is a lot of violence in this show and it's hard to get around that, you know what I mean, and it's real. It makes you feel things and it's upsetting; but nonetheless, as an actor, you can't judge it. You have to be in it. When I'm playing a serial killer, I'm in it. I'm not judging him. I'm not judging his environment. I'm just sort of like looking for the why; why he is the way he is. But there's no doubt that you have to take-if you're a good actor, you're going to take this stuff home with you."

Dylan McDermott also said that this season will wrap up with closure, much like last season.

"Yes, without giving anything away, I think it does. I think that you'll be satisfied in terms of what happens. All the characters will definitely-you'll have closure with all the characters. It's hard to wrap up the season in one show, but I think that having read it and now performing it, I think that you're going to be satisfied for sure."

He also teased a few developments in the upcoming episodes, that debut on FX next year.

"We're going to look into what he really is after, some sort of closure with his mother. I think he can't understand, he can't wrap his head around why someone would want to throw him out, throw him in the trash. So I think we're going to peek into his psychological world in the next three episodes and then we're going to have closure with his character in the finale. But it goes into the psychology and the pathology of who he is. He's not just like a serial killer and out there on the run with no reason. I think we really get into the reason of Johnny Thredson. People behave badly and people are in prison and people are on death row and there are no excuses for everybody's behavior, but most people are coming from abuse. I think Johnny is not alone in that. I think he just really suffers from an enormous amount of abuse and there's a reason he's doing the things he's doing and that's not justified, but we're going to peek into his world."

American Horror Story: Asylum returns with all new episodes Wednesday, January 2 at 10 PM ET with "The Name Game".