No, WWE Superstar and box office champion Dwayne Johnson isn't being sexist when he refuses to get into the ring with The Beast. Even though the WOW: Women of Wrestling superhero has challenged The Rock to a fight, he turned her down. Why? Because he's genuinely scared of her.

And you would be too if you ever saw her in the ring. She's been tearing up her competitors left and right these past few months. And now she's targeted one of the biggest men, both figuratively and literally, in Hollywood. She even went as far as to call him out this weekend during Los Angeles Comic-Con.

Yes, it looks like former wrestler Dwayne Johnson truly met his match when he arrived on the main event stage of  Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center to promote his new movie Jumani. Before a cheering crowd of upwards of 35,000 fans, Johnson admitted that he wouldn't face off in the ring with the WOW: Women Of Wrestling Superhero known as The Beast. Responding to a question shouted out from the crowd, he looked down and saw The Beast staring back up at him, flexing her mammoth muscles. Truly not expecting this moment, he responded quickly and off the cuff when he shouted this.

"Hell No, She Will Kick My Ass!"

Dwayne Johnson arrived this past Saturday, October 28th afternoon at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con in the Los Angeles Convention Center to the main event stage to market his Columbia Pictures movie Jumanji.  A cheering crowd of upwards to 35,000 plus fans were treated to a sneak peek clip preview of the movie, which co-stars Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan and of course, the alter ego of Dwayne's, The Rock. 

During Dwayne's Q&A session with the fans, he was asked would The Rock enter the WOW ring to fight the Women Of Wrestling Superhero, The Beast.  When The Rock repeated the question, "Would The Rock get into the WOW Ring to fight The Beast?" he looked down to see The Beast staring at him, threatening his very existence. And it didn't really look like a fair fight.

The Beast, who wrestles for the Jeanie Buss owned, WOW: Women of Wrestling, has a Black Belt in the Israeli military self-defense and combat system, Krav Maga. She believes she'd be no match for The Rock, whom she confidently believes she could beat with one hand behind her back.

Who will have the guts to step into the WOW Ring to face The Beast? Fans will have to wait until the 2018 debut of the WOW's new season to find out. WOW is the premier organization and content provider for live events and programming featuring women's wrestling. It's empowered women from all different backgrounds and professions who are marketed as "WOW Superheroes" and are the main attraction of ever WOW presentation.  L.A. Laker's owner Jeanie Buss owns WOW and has a partnership with Mark Burnett, MGM's President of Television Group & Digital and MGM Studios for the organizations new programing, which will debut in 2018.