DuckTales is about to expand its cast of Disney characters in a major way. The end of season 2 and beginning of season 3 are going to see the addition of some of Disney's classic 90s Afternoon lineup, including Rescue Rangers, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and more. Obviously, the focal point of the show will remain on Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Donald, Della, Launchpad, and Scrooge. If that wasn't enough, the studio released a pretty amazing poster with all of the new additions of classic characters.

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, Gadget, Chip, Dale, and Monterey Jack from Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, a grown-up Kit and Molly from TaleSpin, Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck, Baloo the Bear, Goofy, The Three Caballeros, and lots more are all going to getting involved in the DuckTales reboot series. The animated series is already big enough on its own, but the future is looking very bright with these new characters. The announcement was made at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this afternoon and cast member Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped by the panel for the first time since joining DuckTales.

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The addition of Daisy Duck is an interesting one since she was never included on the original DuckTales back in the 1980s. This should provide some good storylines for Donald Duck. The addition of Goofy is also a very interesting and is probably already getting fans excited about a possible Goof Troop reboot or continuation series. There hasn't been any confirmation either way, but it has been alluded to on DuckTales when Dewey and Della sang a duet on a song from A Goofy Movie. Fans have been waiting for some more Goofy for quite a while now.

The DuckTales reboot series has been a big success for Disney and they are opening the door to more returns of classic characters within the show. Chip n' Dale already have a new show in the works for the upcoming Disney+ streaming platform. The series is being done in a "non-verbal, classic style comedy," like Tom and Jerry. The iconic duo also have a new look in the series. There is also a Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers movie on the way with Akiva Schaffer attached to direct. There isn't much more information than that floating around, but more news is expected to drop soon, possibly at the D23 Expo in August.

DuckTales quickly came out and separated itself from the original late 80s series. It has been praised for its originality and creativity over the course of two seasons. As for when the new additions will be introduced, that isn't clear, but there has been some talk about them coming in by the end of season 2. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Disney decides to do with the innovative reboot in regard to adding more classic characters. While we wait, you can check out the awesome new DuckTales poster below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.