When Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones set out to reboot beloved Disney show DuckTales for the modern era, many fans expressed outrage. Over the course of two seasons, however, the duo proved that they were as big fans of the original DuckTales as anyone else. The reboot has featured numerous references and callbacks to the original series that aired in 1987. In an interview with D23, Angones explained how those references will pay off in the upcoming Season 3 of the show:

"Season 3 of DuckTales is all about legacy. And part of the legacy of the original DuckTales are those Disney Afternoon shows-Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. It's not an accident that in Season 3 we're seeing all these Disney Afternoon characters showing up. It's part of a larger meta-story of something we wanted to say about the original DuckTales and the legacy of the Disney Afternoon."
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The first season of the reboot of DuckTales was used to establish the main storyline of the series. The richest duck in the world, Scrooge McDuck, finds himself unexpectedly stuck taking care of his three grand-nephews after their uncle Donald Duck departs on his own voyage.

Following a rocky start, Scrooge finds himself warming up to his inquisitive nephews, and starts to take them on globe-trotting adventures the likes of which would put Indiana Jones to shame. The mix of comedy, action, and adventure, anchored by strong interpersonal relationships between the main characters, made DuckTales an instant hit with a new generation of Disney viewers.

With the second season, the mythology of the show expanded to include guest appearances from the Rescue Rangers, references to Goof Troop, and the introduction of a new Darkwing Duck. For the upcoming third season, the fowl superhero will be joining Scrooge and company for a two-episode special titled "Let's Get Dangerous!", which will feature Gosalyn, the hero's original sidekick, his secret lair, and his special bike known as Ratcatcher. Youngberg confirmed that Darkwing's heavy involvement in the series has been in the works for a while now:

"We've been seeding a lot of things with Darkwing for a while. There was a lot of stuff early on where the fans of Darkwing were very curious what we were going to do because we were making it a show-within-a-show, which makes it a lot different from the original Darkwing Duck mythos."

Despite a small section of fans lamenting the changes that the reboot has wrought in the DuckTales universe, the popularity of the show and the critical acclaim it has garnered ever since its debut has allowed Youngberg and Angones the freedom to chart their own path with the series going forward. The entry of Donald's sister Della Duck in Season 2 has dramatically altered the dynamic of the group of adventurers, and it will be interesting to see what new changes Season 3 will bring to the storyline. This new intel on DuckTales Season 3 comes from D23.com.