Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and his family are counting their lucky stars following a drive-by shooting on the reality television star's home. On Friday afternoon, authorities in West Monroe, Louisiana responded to Robertson's home after receiving a report of someone shooting at the house from their vehicle before driving away. Fortunately, none of the bullets hit anyone inside the home, though the incident was terrifying nonetheless. "We were pretty shook up," Robertson later said, noting it looked like the shooter was "just spraying bullets across my property."

During this time of crisis, Willie Robertson said many members of his family have been staying at the house. Along with Robertson's wife Korie, this includes daughter Sadie Robertson and husband Christian Huff, as well as son John Luke Robertson and wife Mary Kate McEachern and their infant child. Reportedly, one of the bullets went through the window of the bedroom the baby has been staying in. "Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about five minutes before," Robertson also said, noting he had just left himself moments earlier to go to the store.

A suspect has since been identified in the case, as the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office has charged 38-year-old Daniel King Jr. with one count of aggravated assault by drive by shooting and one count of criminal neglect of family. His bond has been set at $150,000 and King has been booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center. Reportedly, the vehicle used in the crime had been caught on surveillance camera footage in the area, and other individuals could be seen in the truck along with King. As of this time, however, no other suspects have been named or charged.

It's also unclear if Robertson knew the shooter or if the crime was completely random. According to witnesses, a second house was also hit by the gunfire. Robertson also believes the shooter fired between 8-10 shots total during the incident, but the exact number of shots hasn't yet been confirmed by investigators. The houses are described as being located behind a fence and gate pretty far off from the main road, though Robertson's home appears to be the primary target. Authorities are currently investigating the matter and more information should be made available in the coming days. No comments have yet been made on King's behalf and it hasn't been revealed if he has obtained legal representation.

Duck Dynasty ran on A&E between 2012 and 2017. The reality television series follows the lives of the Robertsons, a Louisiana family making products for duck hunters through their business, Duck Commander. Reruns from the show's eleven seasons continue to air on television, keeping the Robertsons as famous as ever. It could be speculated that this fame might have led to the shooting, but that would just be conjecture at this point until more facts from the incident are made clear. In any case, it's great news that nobody was hurt and the alleged shooter has been taken into custody. This news comes to us from USA Today.