Jay and Silent Bob are back once again in, of all places, the latest music video from Drake. The video is for his new single I'm Upset, which is to be included on his upcoming album Scorpion. In addition to bringing Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes back together as the famed comedic duo, this music video also serves as a Degrassi reunion, which is something many probably weren't expecting to see. Especially with Jay and Silent Bob. Yet, here we are. This is certainly one way to distract people from the fact that Drake may or may not be hiding a secret child.

This video brings with it a long-awaited reunion of the long-running Canadian TV series. Drake got his start as an actor on Degrassi, starring as Jimmy Brooks. He was on the show from 2001 to 2008. Interestingly, Brooks is featured here without his wheelchair. During the events of the series, he was involved in a school shooting and lost the use of his legs. Maybe this video doesn't do a great job of lining up with the Degrassi canon in that way, but it is a reunion many fans of the series are probably happy to see. The video was directed Karena Evans and produced by Director X, who directed the Superfly remake that arrives in theaters this weekend.

Paige (Lauren Collins), Marco (Adamo Ruggiero), Ellie (Stacey Farber), Emma (Miriam McDonald), Manny (Cassie Steele), Craig (Jake Epstein), Ashley (Melissa McIntyre), Rick (Ephraim Ellis) and principal Snake (Stefan Brogren) are all along for the ride as well. Noticeably absent are Sean (Daniel Clark), Jay (Mike Lobel), and J.T. (Ryan Cooley), but this is still a good chunk of the cast. Also, J.T. was tragically killed during his senior year in the show so it makes sense for him not to be here in some ways.

For those wondering what Jay and Silent Bob are doing there, the pair filmed Jay and Silent Bob do Degrassi the Next Generation in 2005. The project saw them going back to High School in a crossover that Drake felt the need to bring back for the I'm Upset video. Kevin Smith took to Twitter to discuss the video upon its release.

"Thanks to @Drake for letting me & @JayMewes go back to @Degrassi one more time in the most transgressive (and expensive) ep of Next Generation ever made! Loved it! But you & Karena melted my heart with the then-&-now cast credits and theme song ending!"

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are gearing up to shoot Jay and Silent Bob Reboot later this year and they also have a VR series in the works. So this won't be last we see of them in the near future. As Smith alludes to, the end of the video features the theme song from Degrassi playing over the credits and that made him a bit emotional. Be sure to check out the video for I'm Upset, courtesy of the OVO Sound YouTube channel, for yourself below.