Kevin Hart is the subject of the new docuseries Don't F--k This Up, which is set to arrive on Netflix late next month. Producing the project are Hartbeat Productions, Lionsgate, Makemake, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Magical Elves. The six-part series will offer unprecedented access to the personal life of the actor during one of the most trying times of his life with a particular focus on his Oscars controversy. According to Netflix, the series will also tap "into the trials and tribulations of what it means to be a father, a partner, a role-model, and a business-man," with Hart reflecting on these events and how they've made him into the person he is today.

Late last year, Hart was announced as the next host of the Academy Awards. It was a dream job for the entertainer, who had previous success with other prominent awards shows as the host. As many of us know, Hart would step down from the job soon after in the wake of criticism of "homophobic" jokes he had posted on his Twitter account nearly a decade prior. This led to the Oscars going without a host completely. With cameras rolling during this period, Hart's day-to-day life in the immediate aftermath of a "social media cancellation" was captured, which will be explored in the docuseries. Also featured will be interviews with Hart's friends and family in addition to archival footage from his early career.

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This will be the third Netflix Original to feature Hart in less than a year's time, as 2019 also saw two comedy specials from the comedian debuting on the streaming service. Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History and Kevin Hart: Irresponsible each brought about some new comedic material from Hart, who balances his time between acting and performing stand-up comedy. Additionally, plenty of previously-recorded comedy specials from Hart's career are also streaming on Netflix, so there's definitely a lot of programming available for fan's of Hart's work to appreciate. Still, Don't F--k This Up will be the first to take us behind the curtain to let viewers see Hart on a much more personal level.

In addition to appearing on the small screen for this new Netflix docuseries, Kevin Hart will be back on the big screen in the same month. December will also see the premiere of the sequel Jumanji: The Next Level, which is due to premiere in theaters on Dec. 13. The movie will see Hart reprising his role from the prior installment, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. We can also expect to see Hart in the upcoming Paul Weitz drama Fatherhood, which is expected to arrive in April 2020.

Don't F--k This Up will be available to stream on Netflix starting on Dec. 27, 2019. For viewers, it should be very intriguing to see what happens on the other side when social media movements "cancel" celebrities. For what it's worth, Hart's A-list career as an actor on the big screen hasn't slowed down at all. This news comes to us from The Wrap.