There is going to be a lot of big news coming out over the next couple of weeks, what with D23 and San Diego Comic-Con happening, but this is pretty huge. The BBC has officially confirmed that the identity of the new Doctor Who actor is going to be revealed this Sunday. If you aren't a Tennis fan, you may still want to keep an eye on the Wimbledon Men's Final because the 13th Doctor is going to be revealed after the event.

The official Doctor Who Twitter released a brief promo video that finally gives us the confirmation as to when we will meet the 13th Doctor. It was announced prior to the premiere of Doctor Who season 10 that the current Doctor Peter Capaldi will be leaving the show following the upcoming Christmas special. That means we are in store for a regeneration, the first one since Capaldi took over in 2013 and after months of speculation, we are finally going to meet the new actor or actress who will be riding around in the Tardis during Doctor Who season 11.

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"Meet the 13th Doctor after the Wimbledon Men's Final Sunday 16th July."

The video features the key to the Tardis getting charged up before the teaser takes us through a bunch of major landmarks, such as 10 Downing Street, the white cliffs of Dover and the Statue of Liberty. Every single one of them sporting the number 13, clearly teasing the reveal of the new Doctor. The question becomes, who is it going to be? That is a tough question to answer at this point, since actual information has been slim, but there is a frontrunner at the moment.

It was recently revealed that Kris Marshall (Death at a Funeral, Love Actually) is the favorite to take over for Peter Capaldi. For some, this may serve as a disappointment. There has been a lot of chatter that suggests we could be seeing the first ever female Doctor, with names like Tilda Swinton being thrown into the mix in recent months. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Jodie Whittaker are still considered to be strong possibilities, but it seems like we may be getting more of a traditional Doctor in Doctor Who season 11. BBC may be playing it a bit safe with this one. Though, we could be in for a surprise come Sunday.

Doctor Who season 10 will also be Steven Moffat's last as the showrunner. Come Doctor Who season 11, it will be Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall in charge. It still hasn't been announced if the current companion Bill (Pearl Mackie), who happens to be the first openly gay companion in the history of the series, will be back next season. In any case, with a new Doctor and a new showrunner, Doctor Who is in for a big shakeup. Be sure to check out the teaser video for yourself below and keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement this Sunday.