A brand new Doctor Who season 10 trailer has arrived online and there is a lot going on. These brand new episodes of the long-running BBC sci-fi series are set to debut later this month. And this is going to be a monumental run. Not only will this be the last year with Steven Moffat as the showrunner, but we know that Peter Capaldi will be leaving as the Doctor as well. And that is heavily teased by this latest trailer.

The BBC released this sneak peek for Doctor Who season 10 online and, in addition to featuring Mars, monsters, the year 1814 and a robot that speaks emoji, we also get a look at Peter Capaldi's regeneration. In the video, the very last shot should look somewhat familiar to Doctor Who fans, as it seems to depict the current Doctor fading away and, we assume the new Doctor taking his place. It is expected that Peter Capaldi will still be filming another Doctor Who Christmas Special, but if this trailer is to be believed, it looks like Peter Capaldi could be regenerating before then.

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There is definitely a chance, maybe even a good chance, that this shot is some kind of fake out and that the scene shown in this trailer isn't actually Peter Capaldi's regeneration. However, if it is, that means we could be hearing news of who his replacement as the Doctor will be sooner rather than later. Oddsmakers believe that the new Doctor will be a woman for the first time in the history of Doctor Who, with Doctor Strange star Tilda Swinton the current favorite to take on the role. If it does go to a man, Skyfall star Ben Whishaw appears to be the one to bet on. Though, if Peter Capaldi does wind up doing the next Christmas special, we probably won't find out who will be taking over for quite some time.

In addition to this being our last season of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi, there are also a few other significant things coming up this season. For one, we are going to be getting a very rare three-part episode of Doctor Who, which will feature a new threat known as the Monks. But perhaps the most significant change in Doctor Who season 10 comes in the form of the new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. For the first time in the history of the series, the Doctor's companion will be openly gay. There have been plenty of gay characters on the show before, but never the Doctor's companion.

Steven Moffat, as mentioned, is leaving Doctor Who after season 10, with Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall taking over. Doctor Who season 10 will consist of 12 episodes and is set to premiere on BBC April 15. Be sure to check out the brand new Doctor Who season 10 trailer for yourself below, which teases the arrival of a new Time Lord.