It is a bittersweet time for fans of Doctor Who. As we race toward the Doctor Who Christmas Special, we are also reaching towards the end of an era. Peter Capaldi is leaving the role of the Doctor behind after a pretty impressive run in order to make way for Jodie Whittaker, who is going to become the first female Doctor in the history of the beloved sci-fi series. But before the twelfth Doctor bids Doctor Who fans farewell, the BBC wanted to give us a look back at his time as the Doctor in a nice retrospective video.

BBC America put together the loving tribute to Peter Capaldi in time for their Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con in Hall H. This is the last time that Capaldi's Doctor will have graced the stage at SDCC as the current Doctor and as such, this video serves as a very nice remembrance of his time. The video features some of his best moments over the years and serves as a reminder of just how much he was able to bring to the role as a very different kind of Doctor. Especially in contrast to the two who came directly before him in David Tennant and Matt Smith.

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Both of their Doctors were truly beloved, but in order to move forward, Doctor Who needed to head in a different direction. Enter Peter Capaldi. As an older version of the Doctor, he provided something very different than anything we had seen since Doctor Who was revived in 2005. Though that was difficult for some fans to get into initially, he won them over and carved out his own special place in their hearts. In watching this video, it is easy to understand why.

Doctor Who season 10 will also be Steven Moffat's last as the showrunner. Come Doctor Who season 11, it will be Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall in charge. That makes the casting of Jodie Whittaker make sense, given that the two worked together previously. There has been some fan push back to the casting, but as Peter Capaldi was able to prove during his run, different can be a very good thing for Doctor Who. The fans of the show will probably come to embrace it, as long as it is executed in a way that stays true to the series.

We still have one more adventure to go on with the twelfth Doctor before it's all said and done, and it sounds like a great one. The Christmas special, titled "Twice Upon a Time," is going to see Peter Capaldi's current Doctor team up with the very first Doctor, played by David Bradley, who is returning to the role for the episode. Before we say hello to Jodie Whittaker's Doctor, we need to say a likely tough goodbye to Peter Capaldi. You can check out the tribute video to Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor for yourself below.