Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker says she was "so sad" while filming the upcoming holiday special Revolution of the Daleks. It was previously announced that the special will mark the end of the road for Whittaker's co-stars, Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole. The Doctor Who actress revealed her feelings in a new interview, though she would not go into specifics about how Walsh and Cole exit the long-running series. She had this to say.

"I was absolutely beside myself. I don't have a poker face. It's my actual job, so I should be better at it. But I remember when they called wrap on that day, Tosin was like, 'Calm Down!' I'd gone, I'd absolutely gone. In a way, it's just reflective of the time we've had and this journey. I'm really lucky. Me and Mandip are still in the journey, but, because it was the end of us four, and us four have been so tight, it was one of those things. I know that in my life, this is one of the best things that will ever happen to me and the best times that I will ever have on set."
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Jodie Whittaker went on to say, "This job is this thing that is untouchable. There'll be a million other amazing experiences, hopefully." Fans of the hit BBC series have been wondering just how long Whittaker will take on the title role in Doctor Who, but she isn't going to reveal that at this time either. Instead, she'd rather focus on the great time she has had thus far. "But if I do this for 20 seasons I know my first time as the Doctor was with this family as this four and this is our time - a Goonies moment, it's our time! I felt very much like a kid in a well. I was so sad."

The Doctor Who holiday special will see a host of exciting guest stars including previously announced John Barrowman MBE, who will be reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness, alongside Chris Noth (Sex and the City), who will be back as the disgraced Jack Robertson. Dame Harriet Walter (Succession) will also be making her Doctor Who debut for the special, alongside television star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (The Trial of Christine Keeler). Jodie Whittaker knows that the fans are excited for this year's special, especially when looking back at the last time they saw her character.

Doctor Who viewers last saw the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of season 12, where her fate was left hanging in the balance as she was locked away in a high-security alien prison with no hope of escape. In the upcoming New Year's Day special, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are far away on Earth and having to carry on with their lives without her. However, they soon discover a disturbing plan forming. A plan which involves a Dalek. Even with Captain Jack's help, the gang are set to face one of their biggest and most frightening challenges yet.

When asked about the Doctor Who holiday special, Jodie Whittaker said, "It's the end of certain things but it also feels like a beginning as well." The actress is currently working on the upcoming season of the hit show, which is where she wants the focus. "As far as I'm concerned, right now, I'm the Doctor and that's taking up everything of me, as an actor," she says. "And to think something beyond that, I can't put my head there, and I don't want to." The interview with Whittaker was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.