BBC announced today that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be entitled "The Day Of the Doctor", debuting on BBC America November 23. The network has also released a new poster, featuring current Time Lord Matt Smith and his predecessor David Tennant, along with Billie Piper, John Hurt and Jenna-Louise Coleman. Take a look at the one-sheet, then read on to see what Matt Smith and executive producer Steven Moffat had to say about the special.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster

Matt Smith teased that this poster is only the start of the official countdown to this special.

""The Day Of the Doctor" is nearly here! Hope you all enjoy. There's lots more coming your way, as the countdown to the 50th begins now."

Steven Moffat teased that this is only the beginning for this series, and that he hopes to see what happens in the next 50 years.

"50 years has turned Doctor Who from a television show into a cultural landmark. Personally I can't wait to see what it becomes after a hundred."