25-year old Adam Hicks and his girlfriend, Danni Tamburro were both arrested on the suspicion of committing multiple early morning armed robberies in Burbank, California. The former Disney Channel star remains in jail as of this writing with a bond set at $350,000, while Tamburro was released after making bail, but is expected to be back in court next month. Hicks starred in Disney's Zeke and Luther from 2009 to 2012 and has been seen in a variety of film and TV work since then. Most recently, Adam Hicks had a role on Hulu's Freakish.

Adam Hicks and girlfriend Danni Tamburro can be seen in recently released video footage driving in a black SUV early in the morning, stopping to get out and rob unsuspecting residents in a neighborhood as they left for work. The one robbery of a series shows a man suspected to be Hicks jumping out of the aforementioned black SUV and running up to a man getting into his car. The robber clearly has a gun tucked under his arm and the man hands over his belongings and quickly runs away.


According to other reports, Adam Hicks ran up to his victims, throwing the gun in their faces until they forked over their belongings. The duo completed at least 4, possibly 5 robberies before being picked up by authorities. Hicks and Danni Tamburro are being charged with 2 counts of 2nd degree robbery with an additional 3 counts of attempted 2nd degree armed robbery, all of which are felonies. Adam Hicks could get up to 60 years in prison if convicted while Dannie Tamburro can get up to 15 years.

The robberies happened shortly after 5:15 AM on Wednesday, January 24th, according to police reports. The duo was caught because they committed the multiple robberies in a short distance from each other. While one of the first victims was giving a statement, another robbery was reported, which gave authorities a concrete vehicle to look for. Afterwards, another robbery was reported. After locating the vehicle, The SWAT team busted into Adam Hicks' home to find the stolen property, and arrested both Hicks and Danni Tamburo. No motive has been provided and it's not clear if the duo were under the influence at the time of the robberies.


Further police reports indicate that Adam Hicks had previously been arrested in July and September of 2017, but the charges are unknown at this time. Hicks is set to next appear in Fox's Titus as well as Windsor and Shifting Gears. Danni Tamburro is also an actress who has been in an episode of Shameless, according to her IMDB page. Police are still looking for any further information in regard to the robberies and. If you have any information, the police ask that you call 818-238-3210. The robberies were first reported by TMZ.