Back in March, we reported that Steven Spielberg is developing a mini-series about French leader Napoleon Bonaparte's life, based on an unproduced 1961 screenplay written by Stanley Kubrick. Today, we have word that HBO is circling the project, with Baz Luhrmann in early talks to direct.

Stanley Kubrick tried to get the project off the ground numerous times in the 1960s and the 1970s, after spending years researching the iconic historical figure. At one point, he even offered the lead roles to Oskar Werner and Audrey Hepburn, although the project never materialized.

It isn't known if Steven Spielberg is developing the mini-series with another writer or not, ow how many episodes the series may be comprised of. Steven Spielberg previously produced the mini-series' Band of Brothers and The Pacific at HBO, and we also reported in January that he is producing a third World War II mini-series at HBO with Tom Hanks.

No production schedule was given for this Napoleon Bonaparte project. Baz Luhrmann most recently directed The Great Gatsby adaptation for Warner Bros.