Funko has tons of awesome reveals coming out of the 2020 London Toy Fair, and among them is a new line of Pop figures based on the '90s sitcom Dinosaurs. All five members of the prehistoric Sinclair family are here: Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, and Baby Sinclair. Their Pop figures have been unveiled in a new tweet from the official Funko account on Twitter, and one look at the image will have you literally hearing, "Not the mama!" in your mind. You can take a look at the reveal tweet below.

Dinosaurs ran on ABC from 1991 to 1993, ultimately lasting four seasons and airing 65 total episodes. Developed for television by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young, the series was conceived by the late Jim Henson before his death, with the Muppets creator envisioning a sitcom about a family of dinosaurs. Though Henson passed away before the series premiered, Henson team member Kirk Thatcher would design dinosaur characters. The series featured the voice talents of Stuart Pankin (Earl), Jessica Walter (Fran), Jason Willinger (Robbie), Sally Struthers (Charlene), and Kevin Clash (Baby Sinclair). Chris Meloni, Sherman Helmsley, Florence Stanley, Sam McMurray, and Suzie Plakson also starred.

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Set in Pangaea and picking up in the year 60,000,003 B.C., Dinosaurs follows the Sinclairs - a group of literal dinosaurs who are otherwise like your normal sitcom family. At the height of the show's popularity, Baby Sinclair had become one of pop culture's most recognizable figures with his "Not the mama!" catch phrase brandished on countless forms of merchandise. Although the series was a lot of fun and thinking about it can bring back lots of nostalgic memories, the show is also known for having one of the darkest series finales to any sitcom, ever. For those curious, the show ends with Earl inadvertently creating a nuclear winter, killing all life on the planet and explaining how the dinosaurs went extinct.

There are plenty of other reveals for new Funko Pops on the way beyond these amazing ones for Dinosaurs. Other classic television shows like Murder, She Wrote, Masters of the Universe, and X-Men: The Animated Series are getting the Pop treatment, as are various movies like The Great Mouse Detective, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever. Horror fans should also appreciate the new Pops revealed for genre classics like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, American Psycho, and The Craft. There's definitely a lot to appreciate here with all of the new reveals, and the Dinosaurs line particularly shines for those of us who miss the '90s.

The Dinosaurs Funko Pops are available for pre-order at Amazon and other retailers. According to the Amazon listing, they'll be released on May 9, 2020. The response to their unveiling has also been very positive on social media, and it's nice to see the classic comedy series continue to get recognition nearly three decades past its initial release. For those who remember it, the very memorable series is like no other. This news comes to us from the official Funko Twitter.