John Lithgow has revealed several details regarding his return as the infamous Trinity Killer in Showtime's upcoming Dexter revival. The actor was revealed to be returning last month, with fans left to wonder how exactly Lithgow's terrifying serial slayer would be brought back into the fray. The actor has revealed that he shot for just "one afternoon," and was excited to learn of the direction of Dexter's return, comparing it with the recent revival of Perry Mason, for which Lithgow has now been nominated for an Emmy.

"I learned that it's completely different from [the original series]. Kind of like Perry Mason, it's a re-imagination. They don't take it into a different era, but it's in a different part of the world, a different part of the country, and a whole new cast of characters."
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While Dexterhas made some substantial changes, Lithgow assured fans of the original run that "there are all sorts of wonderful surprises and callbacks from the first few seasons." Lithgow went on to reveal that he first learned of the Dexter revival when producer Clyde Phillips called him, just five months before the shoot. "He said, 'Can you come just to spend one day in The Berkshires?'" the actor recalled. "I said, 'Of course I can,' and that's exactly what it was."

Arthur Mitchell AKA The Trinity Killer proved to be one of the original series' most popular villains, leaving his mark on Dexter's life in the worst way possible by killing his beloved wife, Rita. So, how exactly does The Trinity Killer return, seeing as, like oh so many of the characters who cross Dexter's path, he ended up very dead in the end? Well, Lithgow was able to offer some details, describing the scene he features in as a flashback and confirming that another familiar face will also return.

"As all Dexter fans know, we saw the end of the Trinity Killer, so that by definition means it's a flashback. It was just wonderful to rejoin that gang-including Michael and Jennifer Carpenter and Clyde Phillips."

The new series of Dexter will reintroduce the charming serial killer with a code, Dexter Morgan, who is now living alone in upstate New York and working at the quaint Fred's Fish & Game as a sales associate. The series will also introduce a new villain for Dexter to contend with in the form of Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of the small town of Iron Lake. Powerful, generous, loved by everyone - he's a true man of the people, but should you never make the mistake of crossing Kurt, or hurting anyone that he cares for, or he will make you pay.

As well as bringing back several characters from Dexter's past, the series will also introduce a few new ones as played by Julia Jones (Goliath and The Mandalorian), Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country), David Magidoff (The Morning Show) and Alano Miller (Jane the Virgin).

Production on the highly anticipated Dexter revival began back in February 2021. The 10-episode limited series will also see Clyde Phillips returning as showrunner and has scheduled a fall 2021 premiere date. This news comes to us from Deadline.