Dexter, America's favorite serial killer, is returning to TV! After debuting the final four episodes on Netflix this past New Year's Eve, the acclaimed drama series will make its basic cable world premiere on NUVOtv starting January 14. We recently caught up with two of the series most beloved characters, David Zayas, who plays Sgt. Angel Batista, and Lauren Vélez, who plays Capt. Maria LeGuerta. Take a look back as they offer their thoughts on the continuing legacy of Dexter.

Showtime's award-winning series Dexter follows a seemingly mild-mannered vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) as he spends his days solving crimes and his nights committing them. Dexter's eight-season run has featured a strong ensemble cast of Latino cast members in lead and supporting roles. The series will make its basic cable premiere on NUVOtv in January, uncut and in its entirety. NUVOtv is the premiere English-language entertainment network created for the modern Latino audience. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez serves as NUVOtv's Chief Creative Officer.

As a homicide detective on Dexter, David Zayas works closely with Dexter and the team on their various forensics cases. He is the ex-husband of Capt. LaGuerta, played by Lauren Vélez. LaGuerta is the captain of Miami Metro's homicide department. In this role she is in charge of most murder investigations on which Dexter works.