Class will soon be back in session! Netflix has announced a season two renewal of the original series Dear White People, starring Logan Browning, Brandon P. Bell, Antoinette Robertson, DeRon Horton, John Patrick Amedori, Ashley Blaine Featherson and Marque Richardson. Production on the ten-episode second season is slated to begin later this year. If you haven't seen the first season yet, there will be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

From creator and executive producer Justin Simien, Dear White People premiered globally on the Netflix streaming service April 28, 2017. Yvette Lee Bowser will also return as showrunner, with Stephanie Allain and Julia Lebedev again executive-producing. Dear White People is produced by Lionsgate for Netflix. For more on Dear White People, now streaming on Netflix, visit

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Set against the backdrop of a predominantly white Ivy League university where racial tensions bubble just below the surface, Dear White People is a send-up of the now post "post-racial" America that weaves together a universal story of finding one's own identity and forging a wholly unique path. The satirical series, which picks up where the acclaimed 2014 film by the same name left off, follows a group of Winchester University's students of color as they navigate a diverse landscape of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack thereof) and activism in the millennial age.

Through an absurdist lens, Dear White People utilizes biting irony, self-deprecation and sometimes brutal honesty to hold up a mirror to the issues plaguing society today, all the while leading with laughter. The Netflix Twitter also added a new video featuring photos of various cast members, along with series creator Justin Simien, and Barry Jenkins, who directed one of the Season 1 episodes after his Oscar-winning film Moonlight. No story details have been released for the second season, but the first season ended with quite a bang.

The entire first season culminated in the season finale, with the Black Students Union organizing a massive protest during a university town hall session, in response to Winchester University possibly shutting down the historically all-black dorm Armstrong-Parker. Their protest is disrupted when a number of other groups show up to protest, while inside, young journalist Lionel (DeRon Horton) publishes a story that exposes the corruption of the school's wealthiest donors, the Hancocks, while the student president, and the dean's son, Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell) gets arrested for breaking the glass door, after learning he has been locked out of the town hall. The season finale ended with the BSU's traditional TV night, where everyone watches the hit TV series Defamation, a parody of the ABC series Scandal, where Reggie (Marquee Richardson) tells Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) that he isn't interested in Sam (Logan Browning) anymore, which could lead to Reggie and Joelle starting a relationship in Season 2. Hopefully we'll find out much more about Dear White People Season 2 soon, but until then, take a look at this brief video announcing the renewal.