Author Dean R. Koontz is bringing his Frankenstein books to be developed into a TV series for TNT. Screenwriter James V. Hart, who received a story credit on the 1994 Frankenstein movie, will write the pilot with his son Jake Hart.

The books update Frankenstein lore by placing the monster in modern-day New Orleans. The story follows Victor Hellios, who thought his beloved Frankenstein was killed 200 years ago in battle. While Victor has been keeping himself alive through science, he discovers his creation is now in New Orleans. When Frankenstein realizes Victor is alive, a war ensues between the monster and Victor's new race of creatures.

The five novels in the series have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. The story originally started out as a pilot for the USA Network back in 2004. When the network passed, he launched the first book Prodigal Son in 2005.

Lionsgate Television will produce alongside James V. Hart and 1019 Entertainment principals Terry Botwick and Ralph Winter.