The long-planned Deadwood movie is finally emerging from development hell. Yes, it sounds like the revival fans have waited years for is finally happening. HBO is ready to give fans more Al Swearengen, with Ian McShane long confirmed to reprise his role as the foul mouthed bar owner. The revival movie hasn't been given the official green light just yet. But the Deadwood movie is moving forward one baby step at a time.

According to new sources surrounding the project, HBO is targeting a Fall 2018 production start date for the Deadwood movie, which will presumably bring back most of the characters who survived the first three seasons. No cast list has been issued just yet, so it's possible some won't make it back.


While rumors have been swirling about a Deadwood movie ever since the original Deadwood TV series was canceled in 2006, it wasn't until August 2015 that HBO confirmed the movie was actually happening. Though no formal announcement has ever been issued. Original creator David Milch is returning to oversee the project. And he has been working on the story for quite some time.

Earlier this year, during a TCA presentation held by the network, it was confirmed that Milch had turned in a draft of the Deadwood movie script. It was said to appeal to both longtime fans who have been dying to see more of this Western, and that it was fresh enough to pull in new audiences who have not yet discovered the magic of Deadwood.


HBO programming boss Casey Bloys called the screenplay 'terrific', though refused to share any story points, or a timeline in terms of where this somewhat true story picks up. Former cast members have all been approached about their availability. The movie will definitely be shot if all production hurdles can be cleared. One of the reasons we haven't formally heard about the movie going into production is that not all of the cast may be locked in tight just yet.

Cast members have read a draft of the script. There have long been rumors that this movie will focus on the old West town of Deadwood burning to the ground. This actually happened September 26, 1879. In the real fire more than 300 buildings were burnt to the ground. The fire saw real-life saloon entrepreneur Al Swearengen finally fleeing the town, setting off for bigger and better things via a sail barge. Some reports indicated that Swearengen will be pursuing his role as an actor of the stage, a story thread that had only begun to be pulled in the final season.


Other cast members expected to return are Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock, Molly Parker as Alma Garret, Paula Malcomson as Trixie, W. Earl Brown as Dan Dority and John Hawkes as Sol Star, all of whom have had successful careers since the show ended in 2006. This latest report arrives from Deadline.