Earlier this year, millions of Deadpool fans were disappointed to learn that the animated Deadpool series being developed by Atlanta's Donald and Stephen Glover at FX had been cancelled. However, hope for the series may now be restored as FX's CEO John Landgraf has claimed the series may still be developed by Marvel, considering that Marvel still owns the TV rights to Deadpool and were already heavily involved with the development of the show.

Landgraf went a little more in depth on what happened to the Deadpool series at FX, and shared some disappointing news. Unfortunately, if Marvel does decide to revive the series, Donald and Stephen Glover may no longer be attached. According to Landgraf, the decision for FX to cancel the animated Deadpool show was made by Marvel, who did not like what the Glover brothers had created. FX and the Glover's parted ways with the project shortly thereafter.

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Despite the bumpy track the series has taken, Landgraf believes that Marvel will still continue their work with the series. Deadpool is clearly a popular character and would surely bring in quite a bit more cash for Marvel. Here is what Landgraf had to say on the matter.

"I think that Marvel will revive it, because they have the rights. They own the IP and they have the rights to do an animated adult series based on any of the X-Men characters, and based on Deadpool specifically. They didn't want to do the show that Donald and Stephen [Glover] wrote. We would have done show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn't our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them as did Donald and Stephen. Now it's totally up to them [Marvel] whether they hire someone else to do a different show."

If Marvel does indeed pick the animated Deadpool series back up, it will more than likely be released on the upcoming Disney streaming service. Like DC is doing with DC Universe, Disney is planning quite a bit of original content that will only be able to be seen on their streaming service, including a live action Lady and the Tramp, a new Star Wars series, and even a Monsters Inc. series. This would be the perfect platform for the Deadpool series as well, as fans would be able to binge the show right away, which seems to work best for adult animated comedies.

Even if Donald Glover is no longer attached to the show, it will still be entertaining to see Deadpool grace the screen in an animated comedy. The Merc with the Mouth has previously appeared in an animated series, The Ultimate Spider-Man, but the show's TV-Y rating restricted quite a bit of his comedy. Hopefully Marvel will wise up in the near future and give Wade Wilson the TV-M rating that he deserves by finally giving him his own animated show. Only time will tell if the recent cancellation of the Deadpool series by Marvel and FX is permanent, or merely a bump in the road, as this report from Variety would suggest.