While the Deadpool animated series that was in the works with Donald Glover is dead in the water, a different animated series centered on the Merc With a Mouth may very well see the light of day. Ever since the Deadpool live-action movie was released in 2016, the character has become a mainstream pop culture icon and amongst the most popular comic book characters Marvel (or DC for that matter) has to offer. Now, creator Rob Liefeld says a different animated series is in the cards.

Rob Liefeld is a titan in the world of comics, as the man who created Deadpool and the X-Force, in addition to co-founding Image Comics. While he makes it clear that he doesn't have any actual inside information, the artist and writer does claim that an unnamed Marvel executive told him a Deadpool animated series will get made. Here's what Liefeld had to say about it in a recent interview.

"When that Donald Glover news broke, and maybe unlike the rest of you, sometimes I look at my phone when I'm driving, which I shouldn't, on the freeway and I may have swerved. Like, woah! When that went south, that was very, like, unfortunate. I think for all. But, I will not say who, but a Marvel executive did say: 'Don't worry, Robert, we're going to give you a Deadpool cartoon. It's still going to happen.' Let me tell you that I have no inside information. I just know that look, Marvel is doing a great job of taking over the world right?"

This would seem to make sense, even if Rob Liefeld is being a bit cagey. Disney is set to complete their purchase of Fox very soon, meaning they will be back in control of the X-Men and Fantastic Four character rights, including Deadpool, very soon. So why not make an animated show based on one of the most popular characters in the Marvel library? Speaking further, Liefeld explained that he feels Deadpool is just as deserving of his own show as Spider-Man.

"The world of possibilities for Marvel is just enormous. And with them getting the X-Men catalog and the Fantastic 4 catalog and all of the access that grants them, plus the means to do something like a dedicated Deadpool cartoon. I mean, there's been a Spider-Man cartoon on since I was 5-years-old, and there's always been a Spider-Man cartoon. I think there's an argument to be made that Deadpool is equally as popular to the culture as Spider-Man. So a cartoon would seem inevitable"

FX had previously been working on a Deadpool series with Atlanta creator Donald Glover. However, creative disagreements got in the way. Glover seemed quite upset and he even posted a full script for one of the episodes online after the project was scrapped. As for who could wind up being in charge of this new version, if it ever takes shape? We'll have to wait and see. This news was first reported by Nerdist.