Deadpool is coming to the small screen next year and finally getting the TV adaptation he deserves. Maybe. Donald Glover (Community) and his brother Stephen Glover (Atlanta) are making the series for FXX which has already been given a 10-episode order. Fans of the movie are likely going to tune into this series the second it drops, but just don't expect it to be an animated version of what Ryan Reynolds brought to the big screen last year.

As reported by SyFy Wire, FX President John Landgraf recently spoke about the upcoming Deadpool animated series during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. While speaking about the tone of the show, he revealed that it is going to be "distinctly different" than the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Deadpool will be really different from the movies. It has a different tone and editorial voice. [We] wanted to make something distinctly different from the movies."

Fans of the Deadpool movie may initially not love the way that sounds, considering that many feel Ryan Reynolds and the creative team managed to absolutely nail the tone and the character. That said, different can be a good thing. For one, an animated series is inherently a very different thing than a movie, so that will naturally change the tone. Aside from that, this is an opportunity to possibly bring some more of the bizarre comic book sensibilities that simply wouldn't work in live-action or on the big screen to another medium. Plus, what would be the point of doing a Deadpool TV series if it was just going to be the exact same thing as the movie?

Different or not, this Deadpool animated series is going to benefit from the popularity of the movies. Deadpool remains the highest-grossing X-Men adaptation of all-time and Deadpool 2 is filming right now with a release date set for June 1, 2018. Considering that FXX is planning on dropping the new, currently untitled Deadpool series in 2018 as well, the projects really should wind up feeding one another quite nicely. Not to mention that Donald Glover has a very strong following and has been doing nothing but producing hit after hit, as a writer, actor, producer and musician. So the Merc With a Mouth is in good hands.

Ever since he was created in 1991, Deadpool has become one of Marvel's most popular characters. Even still, until the movie was released last year, Wade Wilson never really managed to penetrate pop-culture in the way that he probably deserved. Thankfully he did, because now we're going to get what could be an excellent animated Deadpool series that can give us a version of the character we've never seen before. Sure, Wade Wilson has shown up in Marvel animated projects before, but given the way that FXX handles shows like Archer, we can guess that this will be much more of a true-to-form version of Deadpool.