The CW Network is looking to build on its slate of DC Comics characters by developing a TV series based on Hourman.

The story centers on Rex Tyler, a brilliant pharmaceutical analyst who has been plagued by horrific visions since childhood. He comes to discover that these visions are actually tragedies that take place one hour in the future. Armed with this new gift, he becomes determined to win back his ex-wife and son by preventing these devastating events from happening.

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The original comic book was created in 1940 by Ken Fitch and Bernard Bailey, although the character was reinvented several times. Hourman was later turned into Rex Tyler's son in a comic book series created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Todd McFarlane. Grant Morrison and Howard Porter rebooted the character in 1997 as an android based on Rex Tyler's DNA. During all three runs, Tyler has had ties to Justice Society of America, Freedom Fighters, All-Star Squadron and the Justice League.

Michael Caleo (Ironside, The Sopranos) is writing the pilot script. The writer is also executive producing with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz. If the project makes it to series, it would join CW's other DC hero Arrow, which may also spawn a spin-off of its own starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash.