As Netflix's Daybreak trailer promised, the show set in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California is a sweet mashup of Mad Max, Zombieland, Ferris Bueller and a touch of Stranger Things. Daybreak premiered at the end of October and horror fans have been eating it up ever since. We were lucky enough to sit down with Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays the highly unstable kid genius Angelica Green, for some questions.

It was refreshing to see your excitement for the Angelica Green Daybreak bus stop poster. Have you watched the entire series yet? And would you call yourself a big fan of the show even though you play a huge part in it? Can you separate yourself enough from the experience to enjoy it?

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Alyvia Alyn Lind: At 12:01 am - The second Daybreak came out, Jeante, my family and I binged the entire series. We pulled an all nighter with lots of snacks. I can definitely remove myself from the series and say that I would be a big fan of Daybreak whether I knew everybody in it or not.

The show has a lot of fun with the idea of surviving the apocalypse. If this scenario actually happened, how do you think you'd handle things? Do you think you're better prepared to survive the apocalypse after starring in Daybreak?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: Angelica has taught me so much about surviving the apocalypse. I now keep a flamethrower under my bed just in case, lol. And just like Angelica, I would search for the perfect tribe to join. Who you hang with makes all the difference in the apocalypse.

Daybreak has been compared to Stranger Things in terms of its love for nostalgia. But this feels more organic and original in that it takes some ideas from 80s and 90s pop culture, but truly becomes its own thing. How did you guys strive to ensure that this show was of the moment, capturing teen life right now, as opposed to retreating to a bygone era?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: Aron, our show runner/creator, really knows how to capture teen language whether it's today's kids, or throwback 80's/90's culture. It's one of the first scripts I've ever read about teens where I thought the dialogue was exactly how we all speak. I'm not sure how he knows our secret language- but he just gets us!

Angelica has some of the most colorful and funny lines of dialogue in the series. How do you approach some of the stuff they make you say? Have you ever been uncomfortable with some of the dialogue? And how far removed from Angelica Green are you in real life?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: I've never felt uncomfortable with Angelica's dialogue because I'm playing a character. Sometimes I hear these things coming out of my mouth and it makes me laugh, because I would never say these things! But I would never do some of the things she does either. But I love playing characters that take me out of my comfort zone. And even though Angelica and I choose our words differently, we are similar in a lot of ways. We are both figuring out who we are, dealing with typical teen issues. And we're both loyal - You definitely want Angelica on your side.

The first half of the series has Angelica, Josh, Wesley, Eli and Ms. Crumble living in a mall. How much fun did you guys get to have shooting in that environment? Is that a real mall? And do you feel any competition with Stranger Things having gone to the mall this past season?

Alyvia Alyn Lind:Stranger Things and Daybreak are never in competition- we're actually team members, playing on the same team! And every kid's fantasy is to be locked in a mall overnight. The Daybreak kids actually get to live there. And the set was unbelievable! Not a real mall, but re-created to look exactly like one. It even had really cute clothes so we could shop in between scenes.

Angelica has a pretty great wardrobe, including her slime dealing days on the high school campus. How much input did you get to have in creating the look for your character?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: Michael Ground, our costume designer, includes his actors in all of his choices. He wants everyone to feel great in what they're wearing. I don't think I've ever felt so excited seeing my wardrobe for the first time. Angelica is like a superhero with wheelies- it just doesn't get better than that.

As the show goes on, we really get to see into Aneglica's backstory, and how she evolves from the fire starting little monster some perceive her to be. Without getting into spoilers, where do you think Angelica should go next, and what do you want to see for the character in the future?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: I would love to see Angelica reunite with her parents- and try to understand why she's so disconnected from them. Maybe when people meet her parents they'll understand why she's such a little brat. And maybe the apocalypse will bring her together with her parents again. And maybe her parents are ghoulies and they'll eat her. I can't wait to find out!

Angelica and Ms. Crumble have an interesting relationship that has its own side story to what is going on. How would you describe their relationship, and where would you like to see that go in the future? How is it collaborating with Krysta Rodriguez on those scenes?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: I think that Angelica and Ms. Crumble's relationship is a lot better than her relationship with her mother. Krysta and I have such a great connection on and off screen. It was so much fun singing a duet with her because she's so crazy talented. Hopefully we'll get to explore a lot more of that in season two (fingers crossed!)

Matthew Broderick has a pretty great role in the show. I don't want to give anything away. But did you get to work with him? And how was that experiencing, with him really tying the whole Ferris Bueller vibe of the show together?

Alyvia Alyn Lind: I learned so much about comedy working with Matthew. He really is a comic genius. He can deliver a line in such a dry way, and you watch it back and it's hysterical. He's so unique- really nobody has his style. We are all so lucky that he wanted to be a part of Daybreak. If there's a Daybreak season 2 I hope he comes back as a ghoulie.

Daybreak is streaming on Netflix right this second. Get into it.