The Walking Dead has already upped the proverbial ante in many ways during the first three episodes of Season 3. Not only does the volatile Rick (Andrew Lincoln) have to deal with those pesky walkers, but there is a new human contingency he will face in David Morrissey's The Governor, and his survival colony dubbed Woodbury. The actor recently held a conference call, along with comic book creator and series executive producer Robert Kirkman to discuss the new season, which continues with "Killer Within" Sunday, November 4 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

Robert Kirkman first discussed giving his iconic villain The Governor a more "seductive" side.

"I think that people that are familiar with the comic book governor know that he's kind of the pinnacle of villains in that series and is really just kind of a devious, horrible, terrible human being. He's a villain that you absolutely love to hate. When it came time to adapt that character into the television show, we're really doing everything we can to try and add as much more nuance into that character as possible. We're accentuating the more politician side of the character. We're trying to show that he can be a lot more seductive than he ever was in the comic book series. And I think that David Morrissey is doing a fantastic job with that."

We were first introduced to The Governor and Woodbury in last week's episode, "Walk With Me", where it became clear that everyone has a purpose in the town. David Morrissey spoke about the kinds of people The Governor wants in his sealed off part of the world.

"Any leader of a community knows that certain people have to do certain jobs. You know they have to do certain functions within the community for the community to exist successfully so you can pinpoint those people. I would say after last night's episode also it's not just Andrea I think he can recognize in the show and that she's someone who's very valued and could be very valuable to Woodbury as well, you know. He doesn't want the National Guard there obviously but he wants other people there who can help out and, you know, not challenge him and his authority but can work in this sort of structure that he's laid down. And I think what we explore is Robert wrote a wonderful book called the 'The Rise of the Governor,' and the Governor appears in the comic books and it's the time in between those two books really is where we're exploring the character where he leaves from 'The Rise of the Governor' to the beginning of the comic book. So this space in between those two books that we're exploring."

Another new character this season is Danai Gurira's Michonne, the sword-wielding bad-ass who tries not to let her emotions get the best of her. Robert Kirkman said there will be more aspects to her character revealed throughout the season.

"We're kind taking the tactic of introducing here as this, you know, cold, calculated, and mysterious character that we don't really know much about. But like all characters in The Walking Dead, I mean she's very nuanced and there's, you know, quite a bit about her yet to be revealed and that kind of stuff will start to come to the forefront as we get to know her character a lot more."

Last week's episode also introduced us to Milton (Dallas Roberts), who appears to be one of The Governor's right hand men. Robert Kirkman said there is also a lot more to this character than meets the eye.

"Milton is a really interesting character for us. I mean he's not necessarily a scientist per se but he is a very intelligent individual who, more than anyone else is kind of looking around in this world saying, 'You know, wait a minute, this is a problem that is not going away. Let's do our due diligence to try and figure out a little bit more about these things and possibly a little bit better ways of handling them.' He's come up with a lot of theories and, as the season progresses we're going to get to see a lot more of him but also a lot more of some things that he's come up with to try and help them survive and cope in this world. I'm really looking forward to everybody seeing that stuff."