For most shows, Friday night is the death spot, just one step above cancellation. Many networks reserve the night for reality programming, or shows that are on its last legs, before being put out to pasture. NBC tried a unique approach with Grimm, starting the show off on Friday nights right away. The move paid off, with the show developing a loyal following throughout its first season, paving the way for Season 2. This year, the network gave Grimm an early launch on a new night, with the Season 2 premiere, "Bad Teeth" debuting Monday, August 13 at 10 PM ET. The show will air on Monday nights, continuing next week with "The Kiss" on August 20, throughout the month of August before returning to its regular Friday night 9 PM time slot on September 14.

Series creators and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf recently held a conference call to discuss the new season, and all the cliffhangers left in the Season 1 finale. The last scene of Season 1 featured the unexpected reveal that Nick Burkhardt's mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is actually alive and well, after Nick (David Giuntoli) thought she had been dead for nearly 20 years. David Greenwalt revealed that we will get more answers about this mysterious matriarch as the season progresses.

"Well that's all going to be explained in the first episode and she's been on a long quest and they have lots of issues to work out. One with the other. And boy does he have a lot of questions he wants answered. You think you want your questions answered, he wants his questions answered and quite a few of them will be answered. We're not going to continue to tease people. But, in the first episode and in the second episode too a lot of these questions will be very clearly answered."

The show does feature a lot of special effects, particularly when seemingly ordinary humans transform into these beasts (a.k.a. Wesen). Jim Kouf talked about the challenging nature about producing high-quality effects on a tight TV schedule.

"We always are thinking we are making movies every week and we find that on a TV schedule that's really difficult. So we're always pushing the limits of what our current crew can actually accomplish in eight days. Because we write big action based stories. We have a big special effects team that works on trying to get all these characters morphed. And all the special effects we do it's a challenge as well getting them done on a television schedule."

Silas Weir Mitchell plays Monroe, a Blutbad who helps Nick with certain Wesen-related cases, even though associating with a Grimm is strictly forbidden in the creature world. David Greenwalt explained that Monroe will be challenged this season more than ever.

"Monroe is going to be faced with some issues from his past that are going to come up. He's also going to be faced with some life and death issues because of his relationship with Nick, that he refuses to give up. There's a lot of forces in our world that do not like the idea of Nick cooperating with what we call Wesen."

David Greenwalt also teased some of the new creatures fans can expect to see this season.

"There's something called the (nuclea veve) which is almost like a horse like creature except with translucent skin. He's definitely coming after Nick. He's not just a typical animal creature of ours. We have all kinds of things happening. We've got a sheep and wolf story, a spitting cobra, all kinds of stuff. You know, bigger and badder creatures this year."

Season 2 of Grimm continues with "The Kiss" Monday, August 20 at 10 PM ET on NBC. The series returns to its regular Friday 9 PM ET time slot September 14.