Earlier this week, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was a guest on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the actor showed a clip from this week's episode "Alone", airing Sunday, March 9 at 9 PM ET on AMC. The scene has now surfaced online, featuring the actor as Daryl, who is training Beth (Emily Kinney) in the art of tracking. Will they ever reunite with the others from the prison camp? If Beth keeps improving her tracking skills, that's certainly a possibility. Check out this scene, then read on for AMC's official announcement of a new mobile game that will be launched in conjunction with the Season 5 premiere this fall.

Next Games and AMC today announced that the Finnish games company is in production of a mobile game based on AMC's incredibly successful TV series The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is, for the second season in a row, the #1 show on U.S. television among adults 18-49, and extremely popular around the world. The mobile game will be the first time players see this iconic show come to life through gameplay exclusively developed for smartphones and tablet devices.

AMC and Next Games will join forces on the marketing of the title as the game launch coincides with Season 5 of The Walking Dead TV series. The project will be global in scale with distribution and marketing across continents in collaboration with the best local partners.

Here's what AMC President Charlie Collier had to say about the mobile game in a statement.

"We chose to team up with Next Games because of their outstanding creative and technical talent, as well as a willingness to re-imagine the unique and compelling world of The Walking Dead, which has built a significant and passionate global fan community. We're thrilled to be part of this next wave of games innovation and participating in a project that - like the show itself - is in service of the fans."

Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO at Next Games, also released the following statement.

"Our take on the undead survival franchise will match the against-all-odds action and moment-to-moment tension of the TV series. We want to find that sweet spot where gameplay and narrative inform and reinforce one another. Like AMC's The Walking Dead itself, we're not giving away too many details right out the gate, but I can confidently state it's unlike anything we've seen from The Walking Dead franchise on home or mobile gaming hardware before."

Founded by design veterans from Rovio, Supercell and Disney, Next Games has assembled a team with a profound love for games and a burning desire to develop lasting global entertainment. The studio is focused on crafting majestic narrative-driven games with engaging free-to-play mechanics.

The companies will announce additional details related to The Walking Dead game in the coming months.