Vice TV's pro wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring is back with all-new episodes for the show's second season, delving into the tragic story of Chris Benoit in the two-part season premiere this month. Now, a new trailer for the next episode of the season has been made available by the network online, this time following one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the history of the business. Called "The Life and Crimes of New Jack," the episode explores the story of "one of the most feared and controversial wrestlers of all time," and you can watch the trailer below.

"The line in wrestling between cooperation and physical assault is blurred," says wrestling personality Jim Cornette of the legendary hardcore wrestler known as New Jack. For anyone already familiar with some of the highly-controversial stories from New Jack's career, that would definitely sound like Cornette is putting it lightly. Typically, pro wrestlers are trained professionals working together to simulate a believable brawl with no one seriously getting hurt. On many occasions, New Jack took a different approach to his matches, often bringing with him a variety of weapons and practically mutilating some of his opponents.

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Known mostly for competing in ho-holds-barred hardcore wrestling matches, New Jack made a name for himself in the now-defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). He developed a reputation for "shooting" on opponents, meaning he'd often resort to pounding on them for real as if he were in a vicious bar fight. One of the most controversial moments of the wrestler's career came to be called the "Mass Transit Incident," referring to the time New Jack had severely beaten an untrained 17-year-old wrestler who had lied to the promoter about his credentials. New Jack was charged with aggravated assault in relation to the incident.

In the weeks ahead, several more stories from the darkest moments in pro wrestling history will be explored in Vice TV's Dark Side of the Ring. This includes the infamous "Brawl for All" tournament held in WWE, which actually had wrestlers competing in legitimate boxing matches with horrific results; the mysterious death of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's girlfriend Nancy Argentino, which brought about criminal charges against Snuka many years later; and the assassination of Italian-Canadian pro wrestler Dino Bravo, who was gunned down by an anonymous assailant in 1993. AAlso included in the season will be the stories of David Schultz, Herb Abrams, The Road Warriors, and the death of Owen Hart.

You can catch "The Life and Crimes of New Jack" when the episode airs on Vice TV on Tuesday, March 31, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. New episodes will then follow every Tuesday thereafter at the same time. If you missed the two-part season opener, you can also check out both halves of the Chris Benoit episode by visiting the network's official YouTube account. The "Life and Crimes of New Jack" episode trailer for Dark Side of the Ring shown above also comes to us from Vice TV on YouTube.