The first ten episodes of Orange Is the New Black Season 5 were leaked online over the weekend and it appears that there is more to come. Hacking group TheDarkOverlord offered not to leak the upcoming season in exchange for an unspecified ransom from Netflix late on Friday. Netflix did not come through with the money so TheDarkOverlord leaked the episodes as promised, while also threatening other major networks. The other shows in question were not immediately known, but a new report is naming the possible new leaks.

Data Breaches is reporting that shows from NBC, CBS, Fox, Netflix, IFC, and E! were all poached late last year by TheDarkOverlord. Apparently TheDarkOverlord told Data Breaches that it had secured hundreds of GBs of unreleased and non-public media from somewhere in Hollywood. Most likley the previously reported Los Gatos, California production company that works with those major television networks.

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Data Breaches is reporting that the 37 TV shows and films that were stolen include A Midsummers Nightmare, Above Suspicion, Bill Nye Saves The World, Breakthrough, Brockmire, Bunkd, Celebrity Apprentice, Food Fact or Fiction, Handsome, Hopefuls, Hum, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jason Alexander Project, Liza Koshy Special, Lucha Underground, Lucky Roll, Making History, Man Seeking Woman, Max and Shred, Mega Park, NCIS Los Angeles, New Girl, Portlandia, Rebel In The Rye, Steve Harvey's Funderdome, Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Superhuman, The Arrangement, The Catch, The Middle, The Stanley Dynamic, The Thundermans, Undeniable with Joe Buck, Win It All, X Company, and XXX Return of Xander Cage.

Some of these shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have already been aired, so it is not exactly clear why the hackers held on to the shows for so long. It has been rumored that the networks have all know about the hack since it happened and that some of the networks might have made deals will TheDarkOverlord. This seems unlikely as TheDarkOverlord is already teasing a round 2 of leaks through their twitter account. It is not known what the hackers plan to release next, but they do not seem to be bluffing. Fans of Orange is the New Black took to social media to express their feelings regarding the leaks over the weekend and the reactions were split. Some patient fans spoke out against the leak while the more impatient group of fans praised the hack, begging for more of the show.

TheDarkOverlord has gained popularity and a ton of new followers after the initial leaks this weekend and Orange is the New Black has in turn gained publicity. Netflix's stock is also reportedly up 3% after the leaks as of Monday morning. We won't know the full impact of these leaks on Netflix and their hit show until the official premiere date, if we learn about the impact at all. Orange is the New Black is due to officially release on June 9th, 2017 and it is still not clear if Netflix will bring the release date up sooner.