There was a time not all that long ago when the only real Daredevil fans out there were somewhat hardcore comic book fans. That was because the only attempt at a movie fell very flat in 2003, partially thanks to Ben Affleck. However, when Charlie Cox took over as The Man Without Fear in the Netflix series last year, that all changed. And now he even has his own Funko Pop figure.

Cox very likely has one of his own Pop figures on his desk or in his house somewhere, but that wasn't enough for him. Thanks to a Tweet from the official Marvel Twitter account on Friday, we now know that the Daredevil star has a boat load of his character's Pop figures in his house, but it is for a very good reason. According to the Tweet, Cox requested that Funko give him a "couple" of Pop figures that he could give to kids at hospitals and schools that he visits as part of his real life do-goodedness. Funko sent him a heck of a lot more than a couple.

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"Charlie Cox asked @OriginalFunko for a couple @Daredevil Pop!s to take to hospitals & schools-here's what they sent!"

Marvel accompanied their Tweet with a picture of Cox sitting on his couch absolutely surrounded by Daredevil Pop figures. Instead of sending him a couple, it looks like they conservatively sent Charlie Cox a couple hundred Pops to give away to deserving kids. With how much money fans spend on Funko Pop figures, it is pretty cool to know that they were happy to help out to brighten up the lives of some less fortunate and unsuspecting fans. Funko responded to the Tweet via their official account and seemed more than happy to help Cox on his quest to make some kids happy.

"We were more than happy to help! Thanks for the picture, Charlie!"

People on Twitter seemed to be very surprised and delighted that Funko was willing to step in to the degree that they did. One particular Twitter user replied saying "This is Amazing! Hope to see pictures of their faces when they get one! So rad!" Another fan, on the other hand, decided to make the obligatory blind guy joke by saying "wish he could see how many they gave him!" Granted, Cox can see just fine, but he does play a blind guy on TV. In any case, this will allow Matt Murdock to do some good in real life and not just beat up bad guys in Hell's Kitchen on Netflix.

Though the Daredevil Netflix series is pretty violent and very much not in line with what has been happening on the movie side of things with Marvel, no doubt a lot more kids know who Daredevil is now and will proudly display his Pop figure in their collection. Any kind of fan will most likely have more than one Pop figure, but they definitely don't have one that was given to them by Daredevil himself, and because Funko is pretty cool, a fairly sizable bunch of kids will. Be sure to check out the Tweets and the picture of Cox with his Funko Pop figures below.