Abby Lee Miller is one of the more popular and well known reality stars, having appeared on Dance Moms for the past 7 years. But she has been out of the public eye for various reasons throughout 2018. Over the weekend, she announced her return to the small screen for Dance Moms Season 8.

Abby Lee Miller had teased her triumphant return earlier in the year, sharing an image of herself in the Abby Lee Dance Studio, but she did not come right out and say what she was doing. That all changed when she surprised everyone on Instagram with this message, assuring she is back and ready to crack that whip yet again.

"OMG! Can you believe I'm going to film Season 8 of Dance Moms! Yes, it's official! We begin the end of Jan! #dancemoms #aldcalways #abbyleemiller #season8 #ALDC #thebestisyettocome #aldcla."

Dance Moms has been airing on Lifetime for the past seven seasons and will return with new Season 8 episodes in 2019. Abby Lee Miller has had quite the year these past twelve months. She was released from the Federal Corrections Complex in March. She had to serve time for bankruptcy fraud. She was later diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma after receiving back surgery in April. Confined to a wheelchair, she began receiving treatment and had to learn to walk again after enduring spinal surgery in June.


Miller is returning to roar once again. The Dance Mom is an audience favorite and everyone knew that her comeback was all but inevitable. She taunted fans with her imminent rise from the ashes back in November, shooting something inside her company studio. She said this.

"Grrrrrrrr!!!! Back to the daily grind. Comment if you can guess what we're shooting today?"

Dance Moms debuted in July 2011 and followed the early training and careers of children in dance and show business under the tutelage of Abby Lee Miller. Most of the show was shot at the Abby Lee Miller dance studio. During the second half of Season 7, several dancers and their mothers left the ALDC to form "The Irreplaceables." Abby left the show several episodes later, followed by the remaining ALDC dancers and mothers.


Dance Moms Season 7 ended its run on October 24, 2017. So it's been over a year since any new episodes have aired on Lifetime, though reruns have a constant presence on the basic cable channel. So far, Lifetime has not announced the premiere date for Dance Moms Season 8 at this time. As Miller states, shooting will begin early next year, so it sounds like the last half of 2019 will bring all-new episodes.