Starz has debuted the first poster for their upcoming series Da Vinci's Demons, premiering Friday, April 12 at 10 PM ET with "The Hanged Man". Tom Riley stars as Leonardo Da Vinci, who invents the future as he sees fit. The promo art is based on one of the inventors famed sketches for a human-powered flying device. Take a look at this intriguing image, then read on to see what series creator David S. Goyer had to say about this influential genius.

Da Vinci's Demons Promo Art

Season 1 will be comprised of eight episodes, that reinvents the inventor as somewhat of a super-human character. Here's what David S. Goyer had to say about this poster, and how it reflects the show's subject.

"Leonardo was a transformational figure. The original Renaissance man. The kind of genius that only emerges every thousand years or so. What I like about this image is that it embodies a lot of the show's themes. It's aspirational. The triumph of the human spirit over ignorance and repression, the audacity of imagination."