HBO has released a new trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9, and unlike the first two trailers, this one actually showcases footage from the show. The first trailer just showed series creator/star Larry David being turned around on a rotating pedestal, while wearing a Julius Caesar costume, and the second showed Larry David refusing to answer the Bat-signal sign that calls to him in the middle of the night. This trailer finally gives us our first look at some of this season's guest stars, including Bryan Cranston and Carrie Brownstein.

The trailer comes from HBO YouTube, which opens with Larry David arguing about a grave injustice, paired with random shots of everyday mishaps like his shoelace being broken or his soap dispenser getting stuck in the shower, when it's revealed that he's actually arguing in front of a judge. There is no indication of what Larry did to bring him in front of a judge, but it's clear he's not a fan of his antics, especially when Larry says, "yoo-hoo" to get his attention, with Larry then asking if he can't "yoo-hoo" a judge. The trailer then gives us a new look at longtime Curb veteran Richard Lewis, who plays himself, and tells Larry that he is "completely devoid of anything that is caring or empathetic." While practically everyone else in the world would take that as an insult, Larry takes it as a compliment.

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We get a first-hand look at how un-caring Larry is, when he tells a bawling woman at a funeral to shut up, before getting our first look at Carrie Brownstein's character, who seems to be either Larry David's new secretary or assistant. While her exact role is unclear, she does in fact work for Larry, as he complains about how she didn't show up to work for two days simply because she was constipated. We also get a new look at JB Smoove's Leon, who seemingly agrees with Larry that Carrie Brownstein's character shouldn't have taken off work just because she was constipated. Leon goes on to reveal that he has watched a porno, ran a 5K marathon and won a hot dog-eating contest, all while constipated.

The trailer also shows Larry reuniting with Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) and Marty Funkhouser (Bob Einstein) on the golf course, before our first glimpse at Bryan Cranston, who plays Larry David's new psychiatrist, revealing that he "enjoys the mind of Larry David." When Larry admits that he can get rid of him as a patient at any time, the shrink looks quite relieved, so it's possible that we may not see much of Bryan Cranston this season. We also get a brief glimpse at another new guest star, Andrea Savage, who revealed in an August interview that she's playing Richard Lewis' girlfriend. She is one of several character who basically tell Larry they'd like him to leave, quite angrily.

The trailer ends with two men throwing Larry David off of a public bus, with the bus driver telling Larry in no uncertain terms that if she sees him on her bus, she will f--k him up, along with another brief scene where a young couple is kissing outside Larry's window, and he tells them to move along because he "can't see this." When the young man asks if they aren't allowed to be happy, the curmudgeon Larry tells them they're allowed to be happy, just not in front of him. We reported last month that hackers leaked Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, weeks ahead of the October 1 premiere date on HBO, although it isn't clear if more episodes will be leaked. Take a look at the latest trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9.