The HBO hack continues to wreak havoc on HBO as hackers release episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as tonight's episode of Insecure and more episodes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Ballers series. Several episodes of the highly anticipated return of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm are now circulating on the web thanks to the most recent leak and it appears as if the hackers are just getting started with 1.5 terabytes of content and personal information that they were able to steal. It has been reported that it took the hacking group six months to break into HBO's sophisticated security system.

Curb Your Enthusiasm went on hiatus after its 8th Season in 2011 and fans have been waiting years for any sort of news from Larry David about another season, but he would never outright say that Season 9 would end up happening. But in June of 2016, David announced that there would indeed be a Season 9, much to the delight of Curb fans everywhere. The premiere of Season 9 of the cult favorite show was expected to premiere in October, but now several episodes have leaked online according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The HBO hack was announced a few weeks ago and the hackers have asked HBO for over $6 million dollars to prevent any further leaks. In addition to Curb Your Enthusiasm, the hackers first started with leaks of scripts for the 7th Season of HBO's crown jewel, Game of Thrones. The leakers also were able to obtain personal information of HBO employees, which includes the private information of the actors from their entire roster of shows. Though the group had threatened to leak further material for Game of Thrones, the hackers have yet to release any further material from the hit show.

The news comes after Reddit users were able to figure out the identity of the actor set to portray Rhaegar Targaryen thanks to some detective work and the leak of personal information from the initial leak at the end of July. The leak listed actor Wilf Scolden's name underneath a cast list for Rhaegar Targaryen and now fans are speculating about what the iconic character's arrival will mean for Jon Snow ahead of the release of the episodes. Since the release of material last week, many assumed that the hackers were not able to pull off any more high-profile content, but it appears as if that was a wrong assumption.

Larry David has yet to release a statement about the recent set of leaks and come to think of it, it is doubtful that the comedian will comment on the situation at all. It doesn't really seem like a Larry David thing to do. Curb Your Enthusiasm is all set to return for its 9th Season sometime in October, but it may arrive sooner if HBO decides to try and beat the hackers at their own game. This is an ongoing story and more information is expected to come down the line soon.