Last week we passed along the news that SyFy's upcoming Critters movie was all set to begin filming next month, and today we have an update on the upcoming Critters: A New Binge web series. The show went into production back in May and June of this past year over in Vancouver, and today's update comes to us from a Facebook page called Critters: Rehatched.

It features some killer behind-the-scenes pics from the upcoming show including the Krites putting together some kind of crude catapult, chomping on a severed arm, getting split down the middle (with resulting goop and gore), and of course, forming their trademark huge ball of Krites. But my favorite of the new batch - I mean the new binge - is the Krite sporting the goggles. Not sure exactly what a Krite needs goggles for, but I love him and want a teddy bear of him for Christmas. For my kid, of course. You can check the awesome little guy out below, along with all the other pics.

Now to get real here for a moment, there is a worry deep inside my belly that the new series may never make it to the screen. Don't worry. Don't freak out. All of us are hoping that Critters: A New Binge will actually make it to our screens in the future, it's just that the show was originally put into production for a launch on Verizon's streaming service go90, but Verizon put the kibosh on that service earlier this year so, no one's quite sure where the series will end up. That said, there is word supposedly circulating that the web series will be receiving some kind of release in March, with an official announcement coming soon.

For those who might not know, Critters: The New Binge was directed by Jordan Rubin (Zombeavers) from a series of scripts written by the likes of Rubin, Al Kaplan, and Jon Kaplan. The web series is said to be made up of quick ten-minute episodes and there will be eight in all. So basically it will be an 80-minute movie stretched over multiple episodes. Whatever, as long as it's more Critters in my life, that plan sounds good enough to me! The new plot centers on, 'the Critters returning to Earth in search of one of their kin, who was left behind years ago during an earlier mission. They land in Burbank, California, where they wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families'.

Other than today's new pics, not much is known about the upcoming series. That said, writer-director-actor Thomas Lennon (Reno 911, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich) did let it slip on Adam Green and Joe Lynch's podcast The Movie Crypt a few months back that he worked a day on the show. So that's something. I dig Lennon and seeing him go toe-to-teeth with the Krites sounds like good times. Hell, I would watch the Krites go up against pretty much any celebrity at this point and call it a joyous night in. In fact, that's what the next Critters TV show should be: a Celebrity Deathmatch-style show where the Krites eat a new celebrity guest each week. Sign me up! The pics were shared over on Critters: Rehatched Facebook.