Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim jokes about asking Nicolas Cage to play Superman for the Crisis On Infinite Earths event. The crossover event is shaping up to be absolutely massive this year. But, Nicolas Cage's involvement would certainly throw the world of its axis and send the population into chaos. Cage unfortunately never had the chance to play the Man of Steel on the big screen, though he came very close in 1998. Since then, fans have always wondered what it would have been like.

One clever DC fan photoshopped an image of Nicolas Cage's face from Con Air and placed it over Henry Cavill's head. The fan then went on to make the suit have the classic colors of the original suit and said, "do it you coward," and tagged Arrowverse producer Eric Guggenheim. Guggenheim responded with a simple: "What makes you think we didn't reach out," and then added a goofy emoji. There's no way to tell if the producer is being serious, but they may very well have tried to get Cage on board for the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover.


Nicolas Cage was all set to play the Man of Steel in 1998's Superman Lives, which was based on the Death of Superman comic story arc. There are now-legendary pictures of the actor getting fitted for a possible suit that have been floating around, along with footage, for decades now. Kevin Smith wrote an early version of the script, but it all fell apart, reportedly over budget concerns. The world has been left wondering ever since what Cage would have been like as the Man of Steel on the big screen.

While Nicolas Cage was never able to make Superman Lives, he was able to voice the character for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and he has remained a huge fan throughout his life. He even named his son Kal-El. Not only that, but Cage once owned an original copy of Action Comics #1, which was Superman's debut. Unfortunately, the comic was stolen from his house in 2000 and later recovered in 2011. The pristine comic sold for $2 million at an auction.


Crisis On Infinite Earths airs in December and you never know, Nicolas Cage could show up during the crossover event. Marc Guggenheim was more than likely just joking about the situation in response to the hilarious fan imagery, but you never know. Maybe Cage will catch wind of the attempt and offer up his services to The CW. Stranger things have happened. Even without Cage, the event is shaping up to be massive and DC fans have been waiting nearly a year for everything to kick off. You can check out the fan image and Marc Guggenheim's Twitter response below.