MTV is bringing back one of its most iconic shows just over 20 years after the seminal series launched on the channel. Cribs first aired on MTV in September 2000, and has run for more than 100 episodes across many formats. The series was a regular crowd pleaser on MTV's main channel for many years, had a reboot and spin-off series' in the 2010s, and then even had a stint as a short-form series on Snapchat and a global format in the UK. The new series will bring Cribs back to MTV on August 11 for a new run of half hour episodes.

Cribs was developed by the now-President of Content and Chief Creative Officer of MTV Entertainment Group, Nina L. Diaz, and the new series will see Elena Diaz and Adam Gonzalez executively producing the new series, which Nina Diaz's division will produce. For those who haven't see Cribs, the series takes viewers into the homes of the rich and famous, a bit like going for a house viewing in that neighbor's property you always wanted to poke around in that just went up for sale. While getting a tour of the home, audiences are also treated to a look at the lifestyles and day to day rituals of their celebrity owners. Stars on the new series includes Martha Stewart, Big Sean, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, JoJo Siwa, Kathy Griffin, Marsai Martin, Snooki, Tinashe and Rick Ross.

During the original run of Cribs, which ran to 2005, the show had delved into the homes of over 185 actors, athletes and musicians across 13 seasons. The most watched episode of the show was a one hour special taking viewers on an extended tour around the New York Penthouse of Mariah Carey. The latest iteration of the show arrived on Snapchat Discover in 2017 and was given a second season in 2018 after becoming the highest rated premier of a Snapchat Show ever.

While massively popular, the show was not without its controversies, with celebrities being accused of using other people's homes or admitting to having used a property that was not theirs. In 2004 the show found itself hit by a lawsuit by the real owner of the house used by Ja Rule when appearing on the series, while the first episode to feature Robbie Williams in "his home" was actually recorded at the house of the actress Jane Seymour from whom Robbie was renting the house. Even Kim Kardashian managed to come undone when she passed off her mother's home in Hidden Hills as her own, when in fact she lived in Beverly Hills at the time of filming.

With reality TV shows still riding high in today's channel schedules, and the pull of seeing into the lives of the rich and famous always strong in the world, there is no doubt that now is as good a time as any for MTV to revive the show for a new audience, while bringing that nostalgic kick for fans of the original series. The series will be the latest classic show to be revived by ViacomCBS, who have recently rebooted Dating Naked, Ink Master, Behind The Music and The Real World. Catch the series premier on MTV in August. This news originated at Deadline.