Creepshow is coming back in a big way with a new horror anthology series on Shudder, the premiere horror streaming service. The team behind the production has been doing a fine job of teasing fans with little tiny sneak peeks as production continues. Today, we have an exciting new behind-the-scenes video with special effects legend and The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero.

This version of Creepshow is being set up as a continuation of the original feature film from horror maestros Stephen King and George A. Romero, who collaborated on the big screen franchise, which has two sequels. This won't be a 'reboot' or a 'remake'. It will carry the true spirit of the 1982 cult classic, which itself paid homage to the EC horror comics of the 1950s with an 80s twist.

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A set visit was recently held in Atlanta, giving various outlets an advanced look at what's in store for Creepshow, with episode directors Greg Nicotero and Tom Savini on hand for a sick tour of the set. Much of what was seen there is under embargo. But managed to sneak out an exclusive video featuring executive producer Nicotero. He goes onto discuss various aspects of the series and what fans can expect to see. This is an interesting project for Greg, as he was on the original set when it was produced back in 1981. He says this.

"When I was 17 years old, I got to be friends with George Romero, and the first movie set I ever visited as a kid outside of Pittsburgh was the set of Creepshow. So now I have an opportunity, not only to pay tribute to these guys, but to work with them, and take this material that I love -- ya know, David Scowl's script of 'The Finger' and John Esposito's 'Night of the Paw,' and these stories that I remember reading 15 to 20 years ago, and like, 'Oh my God, we should make that story,' and next week we start filming one of them."

The first season will consist of six episodes, which include Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain by Joe Hill (NOS4A2), House of the Head by Josh Malerman (Bird Box), The Companion by Joe Lansdale (The Bottoms), The Man in the Suitcase by Christopher Buehlman (The Lesser Dead), All Hallows Eve by Bruce Jones (The Hitchhiker), Night of the Paw by John Esposito (The Walking Dead: Webisodes) and Bad Wolf Down by Rob Schrab (Monster House).

Greg Nicotero will be directing several of the episodes as well as executive producing. Tom Savini, David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab and John Harrison will also be directing some of the episodes coming up on Shudder. John Harrison actually worked as the first assistant director to George Romero on the original movie, and Stephen King is penning an episode. So there is a lot of history going into resurrecting this as an anthology series. So far, no release date as been announced as production on the episodes continues. We should hear word on that before the end of the year. Possibly we'll get a Halloween launch? That would serve the series and fans very well. This news comes from