We've got an update on the Creepshow TV series. We first learned that the classic horror anthology is being brought to the small screen last summer, courtesy of the horror-centric streaming service Shudder. Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) is in charge of the series but, like any production, it takes a number of talented people to get the job done. One of those voices being brought in to help with directing duties on season 1 is Roxanne Benjamin, and she was kind enough to give us a little bit about it.

Roxanne Benjamin was recently in Austin, Texas promoting her new movie Body at Brighton Rock, which held its debut screening during SXSW. I was lucky enough to speak with her about it and, during the course of our chat, I was also able to ask her about Creepshow. While she had to keep the core details of her involvement under wraps, Benjamin had this to say.

"There's a lot of people involved in it who were involved in the original too, which is really cool. I actually just left there to come here and I'm going back there after here. It's awesome. Working with Greg Nicotero is really cool and there's a lot of history between the people who are working on it. You're getting to hear all of these great stories of the production of the original [George A.] Romero films and how they all came together. It's really cool to be a fly on the wall with these guys. And also just to benefit from their years of experience and production in the genre. It's been awesome, it really has. I wish I could tell you more because it's gonna be really cool."

So, whatever her involvement, she's deep in production as we speak. As frustratingly vague as this all is, it's highly positive and sounds like the right environment for a show like this to be made in. And, on a personal level, Body at Brighton Rock scared the hell out of me, so I can't imagine what she can do with the support of everyone else that is working on this series.


Shudder previously revealed those who will be writing the first season and the titles of the episodes. They include Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain by Joe Hill, House of the Head by Josh Malerman, The Companion by Joe Lansdale, The Man in the Suitcase by Christopher Buehlman, All Hallows Eve by Bruce Jones, Night of the Paw by John Esposito and Bad Wolf Down by Rob Schrab, who will also serve as a director on the series. Aside from Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner (The Ritual) and Greg Nicotero will also direct.

The original Creepshow was released in 1982 and was directed by George A. Romero ({Night of the Living Dead]) with Stephen King writing some of the segments. It spawned two sequels, released in 1987 and 2006, respectively. We'll have the full interview with Roxanne Benjamin from SXSW at a later date. The {18} TV series does not yet have a release date set, but it's expected to debut later this year on Shudder.