Comedy Central has released a first look video at the Crank Yankers revival, and fans can now watch the official trailer for Season 5 online. Also revealed by the network are included voice talent for the new season, which features both returning talent from past seasons as well as plenty of newcomers making prank calls for the very first time.

Season 5 will include such names as Adam Carolla, Arturo Castro, Will Forte, Kathy Griffin, Tiffany Haddish, Abbi Jacobson, Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Kroll, Natasha Leggero, Thomas Lennon, Demetri Martin, Tracy Morgan, Bobby Moynihan, Kevin Nealon, Adam Pally, Chelsea Peretti, Aubrey Plaza, Jeff Ross, Sarah Silverman, and many, many more. Familiar puppets like Spoonie Luv, Elmer Higgins, Niles Standish, Bobby Fletcher, and Mr. Birchum will also be returning.


Crank Yankers dates all the way back to 2002 when it first premiered on Comedy Central. Created by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison, and Jonathan Kimmel, the series features actual crank calls made by both series regulars and special celebrity guests. These recorded phone calls would then be animated with puppets as a visual aid for the viewers, making the hilarious crank calls that much more hilarious. After its run on Comedy Central and a brief run on MTV2, Crank Yankers ultimately ran for four seasons and 70 episodes, airing its final installment in 2007. It was an impressive run for a simple show about puppets making crank calls, but big fans of the series were certainly sad to see it go.


As we know now, that wouldn't turn out to be the very end of the series after all. Earlier this year, Jimmy Kimmel announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live the upcoming return of the series, which would serve as the first project on the TV star's new Kimmelot production imprint. Kimmel's brother Jonathan is now serving as the showrunner and executive producer, and the revival seems to be carrying over the same charm that the series always had so many years ago. To keep up with the times, it was also revealed that the series would be including pranks from social media and other platforms as well.

Now that most everyone uses cell phones and screens phone numbers they don't recognize, crank calling just isn't the phenomenon that it used to be. This would explain the show's creative shift into adapting pranks pulled off in other platforms. Also thanks in part to the rise of YouTube, there just doesn't seem to be enough shows on TV featuring pranks and crank calls anymore, so it's certainly great news to see one of the most well-known of them all finally making its return to television. The timing is just right to bring Crank Yankers back now, as it will introduce the show to a new generation while bringing back viewers who remember watching the episodes from the past.


Season 5 of Crank Yankers will consist of 20 episodes, meaning there are tons of new cranks we can all look forward to seeing play out with animated puppets. It's good to know plenty of our favorite puppets from the original series will also be back along with the new voice talent. You can watch it when it premieres on Sept. 25 on Comedy Central. The Crank Yankers sneak peek video comes to us from Comedy Central on YouTube.