TVweb Corrections and Updates Policy

We always strive for accuracy in our stories and other posted information. At the same time, we are human and may make errors. When there are errors made or new facts or information is discovered, we will also strive for transparency in correcting information. If new information is added or a correction made to a story (correcting cast/crew, dates, quotes, etc.), we add a bolded Update: or Correction: notation in the story.

When corrections or updates are made to other data (in the case of movie or tv show pages or people pages, etc.), those changes will be made to the database and the new information will be correctly updated on the data pages. These will generally not be accompanied by update notations (as this data is regularly updated as we get new information.

Often, new information (especially on a developing story) will be more appropriately covered in a new story (even if it is an update to previously reported information). In these cases, a new story will be written and may be linked to prior stories on the topic or thread. We strive to accurately link to related stories so our readers will always have access to the most current information on evolving topics.

To submit any correction or update requests, please email us at: [email protected]