Community creator Dan Harmon dropped a bombshell on his Harmontown podcast Sunday night, where he revealed that NBC has asked him to come back for Season 5 of the comedy series. After he let the news slip on the podcast, Dan Harmon reportedly wanted the podcast editors to cut out that segment, before he had a change of heart, with the following response.

"Ah, f-ck it. I don't care who knows!"

There was already speculation that the series creator, who was fired last May after the conclusion of Season 3, would come back for the 13-episode season. There is also talk that Season 5 may be its last, although that has not been confirmed at this time.

After his firing in 2012, Dan Harmon was asked to serve as a consulting producer, a position which he declined. If he does come back, it seems likely it will be as the showrunner, a position he held for the first three seasons. It is believed that many of the issues stemming from Dan Harmon's departure had to do with Chevy Chase, who unceremoniously left the show towards the end of Season 4. Dan Harmon did joke during the Harmontown podcast that he will only return if Chevy Chase is gone.

While Community is coming back, it isn't clear yet when the show will return. The show will likely debut sometime in midseason.