Fox's The Following took to the Hall H stage today, with stars Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, Jessica Stroup, Sam Underwood and executive producers Kevin Williamson, Jennifer Johnson and Marcos Siega arriving to tease Season 3 of the hit series, debuting in midseason. The cast and crew showed fans an exciting alternate ending for the Season 2 finale, but before we get to that, take a look at some of the photos from the panel, including Kevin Bacon's Vine video where he made every fan in Hall H just "one degree" of separation from the actor.

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In the Season 2 finale, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) was seen being hauled away in shackles, but the producers actually shot a second ending, which was shown to the Hall H crowd, where Joe was actually shot by Mark (Sam Underwood), the son of Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen). Series creator Kevin Williamson revealed that Season 3 will be a reboot of sorts, with a whole new story that doesn't hinge on whether or not Joe Carroll is alive or dead, and that they don't know if James Purefoy will be back this season.

"We have a brand new story whether Joe is alive or dead. We don't know how he'll appear in Season 3. We always saw it as a reset."

The cast knew that there were two endings being shot, although they weren't sure which one would be used in the show.

Kevin Bacon added that the season finale offered closure for his character, Ryan Hardy.

"There's a lot of closure and resolution with Joe I think that when he walks away, that's the same scene. I'm in the same headspace in terms of my relationship with him whether he's alive or dead."

While it still isn't known if and when Joe Caroll will appear this season, Shawn Ashmore is relieved that he wasn't killed off.

"Losing James Purefoy and Joe Carroll would have been tough. Not that he would ever be gone."

Jennifer Johnson, who is serving as the new showrunner in Season 3, revealed that Ryan will be in a much better place when the show returns, and that the season is largely set in New York, where a new threat emerges.

"Ryan finds love and he starts in an incredibly happy place and then we're going to challenge that episode after episode after episode. In episode one we find that Ryan has looked at every case, just to make sure it isn't Joe Carroll related. There's a brand new threat that throws New York under a lockdown. The city will be a character and we'll see urban paranoia and the disintegration of the city. Ryan will go to Mendez (Valerie Cruz) and suggest that a task force be established."

She also added that Sam will be back and the show will center on a "psychological mystery."

"We're going to throw the title of the show on its head. "It's going to be a little bit more Hitchcockian, so it's going to be a little bit more what you don't show."

Sam Underwood also commented on the death of Luke, the twin brother of his character, Mark.

"This was needed in order for Mark to move forward. However, I think it will affect him greatly in Season 3."

When asked about Ryan's mysterious new love interest, the panelists revealed her name is Gwen, but they wouldn't say if the character has been cast yet. Here's what Kevin Bacon had to say about Gwen.

"What we know so far is that they're happy together. She is a doctor and we're living together and she has a daughter, so I'm actually trying to experience some domesticity. Along with this inner struggle to pull myself together, I'm also taking on a pretty giant adjustment, being kinda a dad."

Fox hasn't revealed when The Following will return for Season 3 yet, so stay tuned for that announcement.